Feb 4, 2015

Security Confab Focuses on 'Collapse of Global Order'

Munich Security Conference

(Times of Israel)—The Ukraine conflict, Islamic State group jihadists and the wider "collapse of the global order" will occupy the world's security community at an annual meeting in Germany from Friday.

Also on the agenda of the three-day Munich Security Conference (MSC) will be Iran's nuclear talks, the Syrian war and mass refugee crisis, West Africa's Ebola outbreak and cyber-terrorism....

The event's organizer, veteran German diplomat Wolfgang Ischinger, said the meeting will discuss what he called an unprecedented upsurge in global crises over the past year, and the inability of the international community to tackle them.

"The international order is collapsing right now," he warned.

"We live in the age of the collapse of order. In this vacuum everyone is testing how far he can go: (Russian President Vladimir) Putin in Ukraine, China against Japan, Iran in the nuclear dispute, the jihadists with the horrible things they do.

"There is a massive need for 'global governance'. Really the UN Security Council should be resolving a crisis a week—Iraq, Syria... Instead the council is blocked and so is any will to reform."...

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