Aug 5, 2010

Did Iran Just Attack Israel's Borders?

Aaron KleinBy Aaron Klein

Western, Israeli and Arab intelligence services have identified a growing penetration of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Units into the Lebanese Army, according to Egyptian and other Middle Eastern security officials speaking to WND.

The security officials point specifically to the Division 9 Lebanese Army border patrol, which is suspected of carrying out yesterday's attack on Israeli troop positions that resulted in the deaths of three Lebanese soldiers, one Lebanese reporter and an Israeli soldier.

The security officials said Iran has penetrated Lebanese Army positions along the Israeli border, replacing Hezbollah inside the first lines of the Lebanese Army.

The security officials said a committee of the Arab League that publicly asked Lebanon to inspect its army for Israeli agents was really mostly concerned about the growing role of Iran in the Lebanese Army.

Egyptian security officials, meanwhile, have told WND they suspect Monday's rocket attacks on Eilat and the Jordanian port city of Aqaba were coordinated by Iranian agents, in particular an axis of the Iranian-backed Hamas and Hezbollah that works from the Egyptian Sinai desert.

The attack itself may have been carried out by cutouts, specifically Islamist organizations that operate under the umbrella of al-Qaida ideology, the officials said.

Since Friday, a series of border attacks have struck Israel. On Friday and Saturday, rockets were launched from Gaza into nearby Jewish communities. One of the rockets smashed into a children's hydrotherapy center in the populated town of Sderot. The center, normally bustling with more than 100 workers and children during working hours, was closed at the time of the strike.

On Monday, Grad-style rockets hit the Sinai, Aqaba and Eilat in coordinated attacks.

Yesterday saw a series of deadly clashes along Israel's northern border.

"Iran is sending a message that they are able also to bring any war into the Israeli land and not only in the Iranian field," said a Middle Eastern security official. "The message is also intended for Egypt and Jordan, which is accused of helping Israel train for a war with Iran."

"Iran is leading a huge campaign in the Middle East to counter military signs that Israel may strike. Iran is worried about what they view as an agreement that the Arab countries will remain silent if Israel attacks Iran," the security official said.

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