May 17, 2010

Muhammad’s Monsters

Jim FletcherBy Jim Fletcher
Prophecy Matters

Given that front groups, populated by elegant men wearing suits, have worked for decades to infiltrate America and Israel from within to promote terrorism… I was reminded recently of Israel’s constant battle against jihadists.

With the Pakistani-American attempting to detonate a car bomb in Times Square, we need to be aware that “Jihad in America” has already been here for some time.

Perhaps the best book I’ve read on the subject, Muhammad’s Monsters, by Haifa University professor David Bukay, brings together a whole host of terrorism experts. As Bukay himself has stated, “Islam is standing up,” meaning this war movement is flexing its muscles.

That is a chilling thought.

With the acceleration of the jihadist plan since the 9/11 attacks, we are truly living in a new era. Israel of course has been living with this always; pre-state, there were regular acts of violence committed against Jewish immigrants to Palestine. As the fledgling Jewish state gathered itself and matured in the decades following its 1948 establishment, cross-border raids from various terror factions intensified, particularly among the fedayeen (“freedom fighters” — ridiculous) from Egypt.

After 9/11, Muslim cleric Sheikh Ibrahim Mahdi said the following, on Palestinian Authority Television:

“All weapons must be aimed at the Jews, at the enemies of Allah, the cursed nation in the Qur’an, whom the Qur’an describes as monkeys and pigs… We will blow them up in Hadera, we will blow them up in Tel Aviv and in Netanya… We bless all those who educate their children to jihad and to martyrdom.”
What a sick freak.

One of the things important to understand in Mahdi’s statement is that he referenced three Israeli cities… three cities in Israel proper. In other words, they aren’t in the “disputed territories.” This is a key indication that the Arabs want all of Israel.

Tellingly, both the Egyptian and Jordanian press wrote about nefarious Zionist plots after 9/11, and this is significant because, remember, Democratic Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton presided over formal peace agreements between Israel and those nations, in 1979 and 1994, respectively. In fact, the latter, ruled by King Hussein, was considered to be somewhat of an elegant, progressive reformer in the Arab world. Yet Hussein — and his successor son, Abdullah, thought nothing of allowing the most putrid forms of anti-Semitic filth in the official press.

It is a given that other surrounding nations — Lebanon, Syria, Iraq — are aggressively anti-Israel.

And let me tell you something, my friends, this jihad against Israel has now gone global, make not mistake. Read this carefully! Only this week, a “Free Gaza” organization is coordinating a “flotilla of aid” to be sent to the Gaza Strip (so much for Ariel Sharon’s pullout, which was supposed to have been a goodwill gesture to the world). The departure points? Ireland (Port of Dundalk), Greece, Turkey, and Cypress! Ireland!

One of the ships is named the Rachel Corrie, in honor of the activist who was killed when she stood in front of the home of Palestinian pharmacist Samir Nasrallah, as an Israeli bulldozer demolished the structure, in 2003. Corrie, with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), has become a symbol to anti-Israel activists around the world. One wonders how she would feel about being a symbol for the murder of Israelis, although plenty of liberal American and European Christians no doubt would think it just fine.

Officially, the flotilla of ships is carrying 900 passengers — journalists, activists, and medical personnel — although no passenger lists have been made public.

There is of course nothing wrong with legitimate aid. But when Hamas is announced as taking part in the operation, one wonders what kind of aid is being delivered.

Years ago, when folks mocked Bible prophecy students and teachers for insisting that at a future date, the whole world would be against Israel… Bible believers knew history would vindicate them. That day has come.

Beyond the sympathy for the Palestinians elicited in far-flung places like Ireland, there is a flexing of jihad muscle in Southeast Asia, as well. A decade ago, the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir saw 3,288 of its citizens butchered in the terror campaign in which the Muslim majority state sought secession from the Indian Union.

Most people don’t know that South Asia has the largest concentration of Muslims in the world — over 400 million! We can internalize the fact that Israel is surrounded by hostile Muslim nations, but when you consider that countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan are over 90 percent Muslim…all of a sudden, the 200-million-man army spoken of in Revelation is not silly after all.

At the Tulsa Prophecy Conference this past week, hosted by Phillip Goodman’s Prophecy Watch ministry (one of the front-line apologist groups standing against paganism in our world), the speakers and attendees had a heightened sense that something is in the offing.

With Iran, southeast Asia, Europe, and sadly, growing segments of the West turning against Israel, it isn’t hard to see what’s on the horizon.

As Hillary Clinton insists on strengthened sanctions against Iran, which no doubt make the Persian leadership laugh, the Palestinians are marking “Nakba Day,” the Catastrophe. What catastrophe are they noting? Why, the establishment of the state of Israel, of course.

These are not peace-loving people. They are barbarians, a frenzied people presided over by a sophisticated killing machine, the Palestinian Authority. They are monsters.

Muhammad rides again.

The whole world is on a war-footing.

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