Mar 13, 2010

New Drone

David DolanBy David Dolan

Israel’s world class defense industries have been working overtime in recent years to come up with new equipment to help counter the growing military threat posed by the hostile Shiite government ruling Iran, which regularly speaks of Israel’s destruction.

One of the latest innovations is a new long-range pilot-less drone aircraft known as the “Eitan.” The drone aircraft has a very long wing span, as wide as that of a Boeing 737. More impressively, it is reported to be capable of staying airborne for up to 24 hours, meaning it would have plenty of time to fly from Israel into Iranian airspace and spend some time there before heading back home again.

The drone can fly up to 43,000 feet, meaning it would be very difficult to detect and shoot down. The Eitan can carry a wide range of surveillance cameras and other sophisticated intelligence gathering equipment. This would give the aircraft a crucial role in any Israeli military strike against targets connected to Iran’s threatening nuclear program, which Israeli officials are convinced will ultimately end with the development of destructive nuclear weapons.

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