Mar 23, 2010

A Nation with Blood on Its Hands

Janet PorterBy Janet Porter

Crisis. Our nation has been in crisis before. From our inception we faced insurmountable odds when we fought for freedom against the most powerful nation on earth. We were in crisis at Pearl Harbor and when we faced the National Socialist Party in Germany.

But our nation has never been more in crisis than we are right now.

Now the enemies of freedom – the national socialists – hold the seats of power and influence within our own borders in Washington

On Sunday, America's crisis reached the catastrophic state. With the government takeovers so far, we are now a small step from a communist dictatorship.

That is why we are calling for a 40-day fast for our nation in crisis – beginning today until May the 1st.

The crisis is of our own doing. We made choices in the last election with consequences that will be felt by children facing a taxpayer-funded abortionist's knife. Thank you, Bart Stupak.

Sellout Stupak wasn't just a well-meaning pro-life guy who bought a piece of paper from the most pro-abortion president this nation has ever seen. No. He voted for abortion funding in the health-care bill, just as he announced in his speech to Michigan constituents beforehand – see the video. Bart Stupak has blood on his hands, and he and his cohorts must be removed from office in November.

Desecrating the Sabbath, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic lynch men in Congress did exactly what they said they'd do when they were voted into office. And if you sent any of them to office with your vote, you, too, have blood on your hands.

Soon we all will – as this bill forces us to participate in killing innocent lives with our hard-earned tax money.

And all the whining calls I received on the air from people who didn't have health insurance because they didn't want to buy it or "couldn't afford it"? Guess what, you're now going to be forced to purchase government-approved health care whether you like it or not. But the government plan mandating 30 million more patients doesn't provide for a single additional doctor. No, just 16,500 IRS agents who will fine and imprison you if you make that same decision today and violate their new federal mandates. That goes for doctors who dare treat patients the government committees say are "ineligible." Probably why the New England Journal of Medicine predicts a mass exodus of medical providers. Their survey showed at least a third of doctors will be leaving the medical field to go find something else to do.

We are in crisis. Our Constitution is in shreds while we face government control, government mandates, and unprecedented government oversight.

In the book "Tortured for Christ," Richard Wurmbrand writes of the underground church that resisted government control. Only then, they came right out and said what was behind that control: Communism. Christians who refused to register their church and obey Communist-appointed "leaders" stood boldly and defiantly against this assault to their freedom on the Communist's high "holy day": May the 1st – May Day. The governmental May Day required mandatory "celebrations" and compulsory attendance. But, motivated by their love for God, 1,500 believers in the underground church risked arrest and torture to make a stand for God and against the Communist government control on the Soviet streets on "May Day."

That's what we're going to be doing 40 days from today. We will be meeting on May 1 to stand for God at the Lincoln Memorial. But we don't face arrest for it. At least not yet.

We recognize that the government that can give you everything is the same government that can take everything. And if Barack Obama, when he took over the car industry, closed only Republican dealerships (or those who supported his Democratic opponents or who gave less than $200 to his campaign), who's to say they won't grant health-care in that same way? Just like he decided that the exceptionally successful Republican car dealerships weren't "eligible" to remain open, those same government committees would have power to decide quite a bit more than whether you can keep your business open. After all, they're called "death panels" for a reason.

Republican? Believe in American sovereignty? Pro-life? Pro-marriage? Pro-Second Amendment? What if Obama's health-care plan treats you like his secretary of homeland security did when she called law-abiding citizens "the most dangerous domestic terrorism threat in the United States" and initiated domestic spying on us? What if in addition to labeling political opponents as "terrorists" and initiating wiretaps of pro-lifers, Obama decided that such nefarious citizens aren't "eligible" for health care? We're looking at taxpayer-funded abortion and rationing based on who Obama's government committees thinks should live.

There is no longer any doubt that we are a nation in crisis like never before, and this event is not "business as usual." We're going to gather for a solemn assembly that begins with repentance.

If you know that we need God's hand of rescue, then join us in our distress call: "May Day!" The 40-day fast for our nation and for May Day begins TODAY. Find out more information at Become a bus captain by calling: 800-369-4986, and become a volunteer by calling: 405-796-PRAY.

The underground church risked arrest and torture to stand for God in the face of Communist rule. We don't face arrest just yet, but if we don't come to God on bended knee and receive his hand of mercy and rescue, there is no question that we will.

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