Mar 22, 2010

The Israeli Government Warns that a Jewish Passover Sacrifice on the Temple Mount Would Provoke the Moslems

Jimmy DeYoungBy Dr. Jimmy DeYoung
Prophecy Today

The state of Israel has petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court to forbid Jews bringing sacrifices to the Temple Mount for the historic Biblical sacrifice for the Passover lambs because such and activity would provoke the Moslem world. The state of Israel says that the Passover sacrifice would be a dangerous provocation of Moslem sensitivities and deal a severe blow to public safety and security in the city of Jerusalem.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The Israeli government calling for no Passover sacrifices on the Temple Mount today will have no effect on the Passover sacrifice to take place in Jerusalem in the future that is according to Bible prophecy.

The fear of provoking the Moslem world with allowing Jews to perform a Passover sacrifice on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is evidence that the Israeli government doesn't really believe in freedom of religion for the Jewish people in their own nation. The Temple Mount Institute, the organization that petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court for permission to simply keep the Biblical law for Jews to sacrifice a lamb at the Temple Mount before Passover says that Israel must obey God and then allow Him to take care of any Moslem violence.

This report is evidence that the Gentile world is today controlling the religious activities and the political activities as well of the Jewish people and the city of Jerusalem as Jesus said that they would (Luke 21:24). When Jesus returns to the earth to build His temple (Zechariah 6:12) there will be sacrifices restored to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in Messiah's Temple as foretold in Ezekiel 40-46. In fact, the Passover sacrifice will be one of the three sacrifices in the temple that Jesus builds (Ezekiel 45:21-22). The sacrificial activities in Messiah's future temple will be done in memorial for what Jesus Christ did as the Sacrificial Lamb when He was crucified in Jerusalem.

The Supreme Court petition aside, sacrifices will take place on the Temple Mount in the future. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

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