Mar 22, 2010

Boorish Behavior

Jim FletcherBy Jim Fletcher
Prophecy Matters

The Associated Press has “reported” that the White House is angry, but hamstrung, over Israeli refusal to stop building “settlements” on land claimed by the Palestinians.

(An aside: If Israel stopped building on land claimed by the Palestinians, they’d have to bulldoze every single structure between the Jordan and Mediterranean, and take up residence in western Canada.)

I placed the word reporting in quotes up there because sadly, the writer who penned the story engaged in what is in our world today biased coverage. Note one paragraph from the story:

“But the White House has signaled deep anger and probably won’t forgive or forget Israel’s boorish behavior.”

That isn’t journalism, that’s reporting, Soviet-style. Keep in mind, by the way, that this kind of bias, using thousands of single words a day in our media, words like “boorish,” is the norm for today’s “journalists.” The AP writer should have written:

“But the White House has signaled deep anger and probably won’t forgive or forget Israel’s stance.”

Even the inclusion of the phrase “forgive or forget” is probably, it could argued, opinion (although we know it is likely the case that Obama and his minions in fact do not like Israel; still, it is not for a reporter to assume this).

It would be perfectly permissible for a writer to use the word boorish in an op-ed column. But not in the “news” section. It signals extreme bias that I would argue is dangerous. It provides a daily drip, drip, drip of Arab propaganda masquerading as news.

Why is Israel’s refusal to stop building homes for its citizens boorish? Because it doesn’t follow the Marxist agenda of shoving Jews into ghettos. Jews should have the right to live wherever they want, just like any other human being.

Today, there are more than a quarter-million Jews living in the biblical heartland, and thank God for it. To try and remove them would make the Gaza expulsion look like kindergarten registration day. The presence of Israelis in the heartland is glorious!

But sadly, millions of people don’t like Jews. Some of these people live and work in Washington D.C. and some of them live in caves in Afghanistan.

It was also announced that Vice President Joe Biden has traveled to Israel to talk with both Israelis and Palestinians. He pledged America’s “unstinting support” for Israel.

Biden is a liar.

He has no more intention of supporting Israel than he would anyone else in his life. He is for Joe, first, second, and last. Biden cares no more for Israel than he did for Soviet dissidents when he and Teddy Kennedy visited the Soviet Union 30 years ago. Leftists rarely have true compassion for people, simply because narcissism prevents it. The agenda is always to promote and nurture oneself, first and last. Always.

That’s one reason Israel can only rely on her true friends. For example, I’d like to point you, the reader, to “Pastors for Israel” on Facebook. This kind of group is important in promoting Israel’s true meaning to the people.

Next week, we’ll explore indepth the Palestinian claim to the land of Israel.

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