Feb 22, 2010

Japs Bomb Pearl Harbor

Jim FletcherBy Jim Fletcher
Prophecy Matters

It’s comforting to know that our brainy secretary of state believes Iran could turn into a military dictatorship.

Knock, knock. Madam Secretary, Iran is already a dictatorship, and the military and ruling mullahs go hand-in-grenade-launcher. They are two peas in a pod.

I will anxiously wait this week for Hillary Clinton to tell us that Washington did pretty well at Yorktown, and that we have established a beachhead at Normandy.

Where has Clinton been for 30 years? When hard-core Islamists took over Iran in 1979, on Jimmy Carter’s watch, the world’s knees buckled. Iran — Persia, if you will — turned back the clock. Transitioning from an educated, somewhat West-friendly state, Iran has become a relic of the seventh century.

A dangerous relic.

I should say that I was bitterly disappointed by George Bush’s decision to leave the Iran problem to fester.

Now, Benjamin Netanyahu claims that if Iran obtains nukes, so will Turkey; the Turks are long-time rivals of Greece. Expect Saudi Arabia and Egypt to also make a play for the ultimate weapon.

You know which neighborhood Israel finds itself in.

Although folks sometimes differ on the timing, Bible prophecy students understand that in particular, passages in Ezekiel 38,39, and the latter chapters of Zechariah discuss clearly a nuclear exchange in the Land of Israel. There is a key element in the story to keep in mind, however.

Numerous times, the Bible makes clear claims regarding nation states in what we call today the Middle East. Egypt is said to exist in the latter times and in fact, she does, albeit as an economic backwater. The Egyptians have been pitiful for at least 200 years when European powers entered the region. But, the key thing is, Egypt is here.

Damascus, today the world’s oldest continuously inhabited city, is promised destruction. This is yet to happen, but the important thing to remember is that Damascus, Syria, is in place to play her end-times role.

My point is, as I’ve said many times, if one reads the Bible as if it is real history — past, present, future — then one can reasonably conclude certain things.

In other words, Israel is promised survival; her enemies are promised destruction.

All this plays into current geopolitics. As the nations rage and race to their nuclear stockpiles, they are ensuring their own destruction, not Israel’s. I seriously doubt Hillary Clinton has any real feeling for the Jewish state — narcissists care only about themselves — but her good Methodist upbringing has given her a flawed world view. She is far, far behind the times, but the Bible which she was taught to view as a human product meant for another time is infinitely far ahead of her office’s machinations.

The Bible is also fairly generous with details in the passages that discuss a coming nuclear exchange. We notice for example that in Ezekiel, an invading army is supernaturally killed once it reaches the mountains of Israel. This is what would be known in the secular world as the West Bank. The eastern slope of the mountain range is a steep, 3,000-foot ascent. However, the western slope, which sweeps down toward the heartland of Israel’s population centers, is a gentler, 2000-foot descent.

I find it supremely ironic that at the very moment this invading army is poised to destroy Israel, God intervenes and kills it. This is another example that God is never late, always on time, and His timing is perfect.

In Zechariah, we are told that people’s eyes melt from their sockets and tongues melt from their mouths. There is a specific reference to a battle for Jerusalem.

Remember that the Palestinians officially claim east Jerusalem as the capitol of a future state (of course, they want all the land, but this plays well with the international community, which sees the division of God’s land as a reasonable peace deal).

However the details play out, we know that the Jews cannot be destroyed. Let the Turks and Greeks and Persians and Saudi clans and Egypt fight it out.

As our clueless, hapless secretary of state gropes about looking for answers, let us pray for her personally to have her eyes opened.

The last days are upon us.

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