Dec 17, 2015

Prophecy Stage Setting Continues

Robert Congdon

Dr. Robert Congdon
Congdon Ministries International

Christmas is certainly a time for presents and celebration for many. As I was shopping, I thought about the money involved in this holiday. I can still remember my Mom taking me downtown to a major Chicago department store. I remember she had a metal plate that she gave the clerk to charge her purchase. I did not understand how it worked but the stamping machine that used the card fascinated me. Not everyone had a "charge plate" as my Mom called it. Most people paid with cash or check. How different our world is today. Cash is the rarity and most now use bank debit or credit cards.

In thinking about this, I thought I would pass on this news story. It is entitled "The World's First Cashless Society is Here—A Totalitarian's Dream Come True." This article declared that the "favorite pet project of the economic central planners" is to eliminate hand-to-hand cash transactions so that the governments can control every document, transaction, and purchase. A cashless society is the key to control.

As we so often say, our reason for presenting current news is to help Christians maintain a biblical worldview and to recognize that the prophetic teaching of the Bible about latter day events is now feasible or possible in our lifetime. In Revelation 13:17, speaking of the Tribulation, John tells us that the Antichrist will control the economics of his kingdom in such a way that "no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." Soon this may well be possible.

Governments lose tax money when cash is used to buy things through garage sales, person-to-person sales or services, and similar transactions. To limit these losses they need to eliminate the cash. Additionally, leaders believe that they need to control cash as a means to combat terrorism, black market crime, drugs and poverty. The elimination of cash and the push to digital transactions can serve both good and evil purposes. Regardless of the purpose, the ultimate end is control over the people and their freedoms. In the Tribulation, the Antichrist wants to exercise this control to use it against all true believers of the Lord Jesus Christ—both Jew and Gentile believers.

Keeping this in mind, in 1661, Sweden became the first country to issue paper money and it may well now become the first country to do away with it. Eighty percent of all transactions in Sweden are now electronic. Certainly such transactions are helpful but the ultimate direction is clear.

Here is another trend reflecting stage setting for the Tribulation. Within the past few years:

  • Italy and France made cash transactions over 1000 Euro Dollars illegal
  • Spain 2500 Euros
  • Uruguay $5000
  • Russia $10,000

Mexico and Switzerland are following in a similar way. It would appear that the day of controlling all financial transactions is coming.

Happily for Christians, before the Tribulation begins, Jesus Christ will come for all true believers and take them back to His Father's house. While we will not be here on earth, it is our present task to proclaim the Gospel of salvation to all, to mature in our walk with the Lord, and to redeem the time.