Mar 8, 2015

Is Scott Walker the Antichrist? The Evidence Mounts

Scott Walker

(THE DAILY CALLER)—Washington, D.C. journalists and other sad, bitter wackos on the margins of society have embarked on a recent crusade to find some scandal—any scandal—to sink rapidly rising 2016 Republican presidential frontrunner Scott Walker.

In late February, for example, two Washington Post reporters spent valuable interview time asking the Wisconsin governor whether he believes President Barack Obama is a Christian. Walker's response of "I don't know" served as the Post's hard-hitting headline fodder....

Most recently, WaPo reporters broke the story that Walker, like a young Bill Clinton, possesses limited foreign policy experience because he has been a state governor. Walker "is not a subscriber to Foreign Affairs" (a magazine with a circulation around 161,000), the Post murmurs. Also, Walker has made few exciting international journeys abroad like Beltway reporters and their trustafarian friends....

This petty scandalmongering has done little to affect Walker's growing popularity.

It's a sad, tragic situation because The Washington Post and other left-leaning media outlets which want so dearly to damage the Wisconsin governor are missing a huge and obvious story: Walker may very well be the Antichrist.

It's so obvious. Let's consider the evidence.

Scott Walker has burst onto the national political scene from seemingly out of nowhere—especially from the perspective of shocked lefty reporters who haunt the D.C. cocktail circuit. Such a rock-star manifestation is exactly what they would expect from the Antichrist.

What of Walker's history? Everyone has a past. Astoundingly, in possible accordance with the famous Blood Moon Prophecy, Wisconsin's governor was born on Nov. 2, 1967 when there just happened to be a total solar eclipse blanketing the earth....

Additionally, Walker hails from a state in which the foremost, taxpayer-funded university belongs to the Big Ten collegiate athletic conference. As buffs of Christian prophecy well know, the number 10 is vital for the End Times because the Bible says that the Antichrist will come to power from a confederacy of 10 nations....

But what about 666? As even casual aficionados of the End Times are aware, the most significant number related to the Antichrist is 666, the number of the beast.

Walker's surname contains six letters. He has been elected three times since 2010 thanks to the failed recall effort pushed by unions and leftist radicals. Each of these electoral victories represents a triad of six-letter words: Walker, Walker, Walker—6-6-6....

Biblical books tell us that the Antichrist will attempt to change laws, usher in a new era and focus on military issues. Signs, wonders and miracles will accompany his earthly rule. Such things could happen if Walker becomes president.

Verily, it would be devastating for the Pulitzer Prize aspirations of The Washington Post—and, as an aside, for America —if Walker rises to power, shows himself as the Antichrist and tyrannically rules as the Beast of the Bottomless Pit—and no legacy media reported it because they were too busy asking unbelievably moronic gotcha questions.

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