Feb 11, 2015

Video: Obama Publicly Insults Christians


(EAGLE FORUM)—...Speaking on the Fox News Channel last week, the African-American Bishop E. W. Jackson called out the President: "Sir, you just gave them a gigantic propaganda tool. They called us Crusaders, and you've just confirmed it... He's basically justified exactly what Osama bin Laden was saying."

Continuing, Bishop Jackson said: "Mr. President, we're not on our 'high horse.' What we are on is high alert, and the American people would like for once to know that you're willing to defend Christianity and defend America instead of defending Islam."

Bishop Jackson, who served in the Marine Corps and earned a law degree from Harvard Law School before entering the ministry, concluded that "this President does everything he possibly can to defend Islam and does almost nothing to defend the honor of this country. And yes, once again he's giving them exactly what they want. And they're laughing at us, because they see it as a sign of weakness."

Christianity is not the problem today, and Jim Crow's not around any more. Islamic Jihad, and its political manifestation in Sharia law, is the present-day threat to individual and civil liberties all over the world.

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