Jul 31, 2012

America's Culture War

Andy WoodsBy Dr. Andy Woods
Sugar Land Bible Church

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For the last several decades America has been involved in a culture war between two competing world views: Christianity and Humanism. Those of the humanistic persuasion have waged an unrelenting assault on America's traditional and cherished Judeo-Christian value system and have sought to replace it with man centered values and assumptions. This is not a conflict of guns and bullets but rather a battle of ideas. This culture war is something that all believers must take part in since "to the victor goes the spoils": our nation, institutions, freedoms, schools, churches, and most importantly the hearts and minds of our children.


The disturbing attacks on Chick-fil-A

This battle affects every layer of society: religion, politics, media, arts, journalism, and academia. The business world is not immune from this conflict. As many of you are aware, numerous Godly businesses have also been targeted simply because of their common sense and biblical stance on a host of issues such as work ethic, thrift, and even heterosexual marriage. Perhaps you have heard of the latest attempt to financially injure the Christian owned and operated restaurant chain Chick-fil-A. It has been targeted for merely articulating what two millennia of moral teaching have consistently taught regarding marriage. This latest assault represents simply one chapter in a lengthy war.

In times such as these, all holding to the authority of God's Word have a responsibility. Scripture is not silent on matters such as "gay marriage." Let each of us remember such businesses in our prayers and also patronage as the Lord leads. America has become largely what we have allowed it to become through Christian apathy. May God help us bequeath to the next generation a better America as we prayerfully consider our role in the culture war.