Feb 8, 2012

Christians Under Attack

David DolanBy David Dolan

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International human rights groups are reporting a sharp increase in violent attacks upon Christian churches and pastors in both Syria and Iran. Middle East analysts say that the attacks in Syria have mainly been carried out by extremist Sunni Muslim groups that are believed to have strong connections to the Al Qaida terrorist network. The groups are apparently taking advantage of the collapse of law and order in Syria, where anti-government rebels supported by the larger Sunni Muslim world have taken control of many areas.

Syrian ChristiansHuman rights groups are warning of a potential mass slaughter of Syrian Christians if the Assad regime falls from power, especially since many Christians have been loyal backers of the besieged government. Christians currently comprise about ten per cent of the population, with most belonging either to the Greek Orthodox Church or the Melkite Catholic Church. The number of Christians in Shiite Muslim dominated Iran is not known, but numerous reports in recent years speak of many Muslims converting to the faith. Attacks against Coptic Christians and churches in Egypt have also been on the rise since Hosni Mubarak’s downfall last February.

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