Feb 18, 2012

Blessed by 'Proclaiming Justice to the Nations'

Joseph FarahBy Joseph Farah

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I am here in the country music capital of the world this weekend to be honored by one of my favorite organizations—Laurie Cardoza-Moore’s “Proclaiming Justice to the Nations,” a staunch antidote to the virulent mental illness known as anti-Semitism.

Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention CenterIt’s my great honor to receive the “Ed McAteer Tree of Life” award for 2012 at the annual National Religious Broadcasters convention from PJTN.

PJTN educates media professionals, Christian leaders and Christians around the world about the biblical responsibilities to act against the “new anti-Semitism.” PJTN was founded in 2001 in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11.

This will be a special honor for me, not just because of my love and admiration for PJTN and the work of Laurie Cardoza-Moore, but also because of the award’s namesake. Ed McAteer was a dear friend until his death in 2004. I had the privilege of traveling with him to Israel. He would also call on me to accompany him on visits to leaders in Washington to present briefings on the situation in the Middle East. He was a very special man who just wanted to be a blessing to his country and to the nation of Israel—and he was both.

One of the most important objectives of PJTN is in educating Christians about their biblical responsibility to stand with their Jewish brethren and Israel, utilizing the powerful medium of documentary films to facilitate dialogue between the Christian and Jewish communities.

What too many Christians don’t understand is that our salvation comes through the atoning sacrifice of messiah Yeshua—who we know mainly through his Greek name Jesus. Through His death on the cross, and our embrace of Him as Lord and Savior, we are “grafted in” to the covenant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. So our bond with Israel is not just based on worldly political realities, but on a spiritual promise from God.

The work of PJTN is more urgent than ever, as too many Christians have lost sight of who their Savior was, why He came and how He will come again.

Meanwhile, only one generation after the Holocaust, anti-Semitism is on the rise again all over the world—including here in the U.S.

How else is it possible that one tiny, liberty-loving, self-governing, independent, prosperous nation, which was resurrected in one day after 2,000 years, could be the target of more United Nations condemnations than all the rest of the nations of the world combined?

How else is it possible that even the U.S. is backing the creation of a so-called “Palestinian state” carved from the heartland of the Jewish state to be governed by unrepentant terrorists who insist that their new nation exclude any residents who are Jewish?

How else is it possible that even leaders in the U.S. sit idly by as mullahs in Iran plot the deployment of weapons of mass destruction designed to annihilate the Jews of Israel and throughout the rest of the world?

That’s why the world of PJTN is so vital.

I urge you to support this important, life-affirming ministry in any way you can. And I invite you to become more familiar with all of the resources they make available to the public.

I know it will be a blessing to you the way it has been a blessing to me.

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