Aug 31, 2011

UN Blessed Palestinian State Will Solve Nothing

Chuck MisslerBy Dr. Chuck Missler
Koinonia House

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The Palestinian Authority has prepared a chair for their intended seat at the United Nations – a blue chair embroidered with the words "Palestine's Right." The blue chair will be taken on an international tour as an effort to convince the world's countries that they should vote to recognize a Palestinian state this fall, regardless of what agreements the Palestinian Authority does or does not make with Israel.

An opinion piece in The Sydney Morning Herald on August 29 offers some carefully worded pro-Palestinian propaganda. Sonja Karkar writes:

"Israel's own unilateral move in declaring statehood after the UN's intention to partition historic Palestine into a Jewish and an Arab state cannot be avoided. It underscores that Palestine was never a land without a people and that Israel's existence was imposed on Palestinians, robbing them of their homes and land and destroying their proud and millenniums-old society."
There have indeed been people in the Holy Land for millennia – a wide variety of people. Jews, Arabs, Syrians, nomadic herders have all had communities in the land for centuries. A variety of different powers, from the Romans to the Ottoman Turks, have controlled this part of the Middle East during the last two thousand years, but there has never been a Palestinian state run by "Palestinians."

There have been many societies in the Holy Land throughout the centuries, proud and otherwise. The people now called Palestinians sit on lands that prior to the Six Day War in 1967 were controlled by Egypt or Jordan. Karkar's portrayal of a single Palestinian people with a long proud history doesn't fit with the facts.

Now, after 44 years of butting heads and a perpetual impasse, the Palestinian Authority wants to circumvent negotiations with Israel. It seeks an end run around certain moves necessary to keep peace with the Jewish state – things like rejecting terrorism and recognizing the State of Israel. The PA is instead pushing to create a Palestinian state via an upcoming United Nations General Assembly vote in late September. A Security Council vote would be more binding, but the United States can veto decisions at the Security Council.

Armed Israeli settlersDisaster's in the Air

Some people expect a UN vote for a Palestinian state to settle the issue. That's not only naïve, but dangerous. Not only will there be no peace, but Israel anticipates immediate attacks on settlers in the West Bank if the vote goes through. The settlers are certain to fight back, causing the West Bank to explode in bloodshed. Israel security forces working in settlements are being armed with riot gear in advance of the September 20th debate on the issue.

Headed For Defeat?

Ron Prosor, Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, told the Foreign Ministry last week that Israel simply does not have the support to oppose the General Assembly resolution. The Palestinians have the diplomatic upper hand, and they only need a majority of votes – just 51 percent – to gain recognition.

Besides encouraging violence however, the General Assembly's vote will almost certainly fail to create a peaceable two-state solution. Israel will not give up its settlers or East Jerusalem just to please the United Nations. Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza will not suddenly affirm the existence of Israel and treat their neighbor with respect. When Israel moved settlers out of Gaza in 2005, the immediate result was an increase in rocket attacks over the border onto Israel. Without any true cooperation or peace agreements, the result of a Palestinian state created by vote is unrest and destruction.

Both Israel and the United States have urged the Palestinian Authority to return to the negotiating table. Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas has said the PA would agree once again to negotiate if Israel stops building settlements and uses the 1967 borders as the basis for negotiations. Neither of these things are likely to happen.

US President Barack Obama recognizes that "initiatives through the UN will not bring about the two-state solution and enduring peace, which both the parties and the US seek." The US will discourage the declaration of a Palestinian state, but the General Assembly can still vote however it chooses.

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