Aug 10, 2011

An Inversion of Truth

Jim FletcherBy Jim Fletcher
Prophecy Matters

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Among the almost countless attacks leveled against the Jewish state today — ranging from rocket fire to diplomatic bombs lobbed by the Palestinians & Friends at the UN — there is this: constancy.

The big stuff, people usually pay attention to, somewhat. The Arab threat to go to the UN in September and ask for statehood for Palestine. Iran. Et cetera.

But the truth is, the Arabs have always hated a Jewish presence in the Land. They have been attacking and murdering Jews for a hundred years. There are those things, however, that few pay attention to — the drip, drip, drip of terrorism. Terror in its many guises.

In the past week, two rockets from Gaza hit the western Negev, one injuring an Israeli woman. I can guarantee you, no one at the UN cares. They do profess to care about alleged Israeli abuse of Palestinians, like checkpoints.

Because the Israelis constantly fight terrorism, it is necessary to go into Palestinian areas and detain terrorists and confiscate weapons. What did the Palestinians do this week in the Qalandia refugee camp near Jerusalem? Throw stones and escalate a situation that would claim two Palestinian lives and wound five IDF soldiers.

Not that groups like the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) care about wounded Jews.

Of course the Palestinian Authority attacked Israel in the press, and said the Israelis had escalated ahead of the September showdown in New York. Nabil Abu Rudeina, head of the PA presidential bureau (no doubt funded by your tax dollars), led this bogus charge.

This is what I mean by an inversion of the truth. It is when truth is turned on its head. Wrong is right and right is wrong.

That’s the world we live in today.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad fighters training in the Gaza Strip.And even during periods of relative quiet, the Palestinians use the time to train for war! Islamic Jihad operatives, some 400 strong, staged military exercises to be ready with “everything necessary to confront an instance of Zionist aggression.”

Unreal! And, I’d like to point out, the mendacity among mainline and Emergent leaders in America — who never miss an opportunity to blame Israel — strengthen these groups, who are willing to use dupes for their propaganda.

By extension, we see this in the pathetic case of the Syrian government butchering its own citizens. As CAMERA has pointed out, a visit to the website for the World Council of Churches (WCC) shows a dearth of stories about Bashar Assad’s murderous rampage against demonstrating citizens.

Evidently, officially, the WCC has “tweeted” a couple times, although it doesn’t condemn Assad; it merely offers prayers.

This world body is identical in scope and ideology to the American mainline churches, who miss no opportunity to lash-out at Israel.

For those Americans who support Israel — and I know there are many — I urge you to get involved in defending the Jewish state, wherever you are. We can all take some time to educate ourselves and respond with letters to the editor, etc.

Not so long ago, I was talking with a pastor who asked me if I weren’t taking out personal frustrations (he didn’t elaborate) on my “Israel Watch” column. In other words, Jim, don’t you think you are raging about Israel and Emergents because you are frustrated in your personal life? Since I’ve never felt better, I can only guess to his motives.

And just this week, a friend told me that an acquaintance, who I consider to be a Bible-believer, described another party as a “Jew” when it comes to money.

My friends, the threats to Israel and to Bible-believers everywhere are intense, constant, and supernaturally endowed.

We are living through a difficult and painful time, when inversions of the truth spring up like weeds.

I believe we have no choice but to engage.

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