Jul 15, 2011

California Public Schools Required to Teach Gay History

Becky YehBy Becky Yeh

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California's governor has signed into law legislation that requires the state's public schools to teach on the contributions of lesbian, "gay," bisexual and transgender individuals.

Gov. Jerry BrownYesterday, Gov. Jerry Brown signed S.B. 48, making California the first state in the country to pass such legislation. The law, authored by homosexual Senator Mark Leno of San Francisco, requires that textbooks be re-written to include information about LGBT Americans and present them in a positive light.

Commentators warn that the measure, which requires no parental notification and does not allow parents to opt their children out, will affect students as young as six years old. But Earl DeVries, a former candidate for state Senate, explains that other schools will be affected as well because California is one of the states that purchases the most textbooks.

"I feel sorry for those states because we've not done a good job defending our families and our children, and we have the wrong kind of people in Sacramento," he laments. "And this is the consequence of our lack of involvement."

Brown announced in a written statement that the bill "revises existing laws that prohibit discrimination in education," and he urged that "history should be honest." The governor further assured that the law represents an important step forward for the state of California, but DeVries disagrees.

"Well, it really isn't," he contends. "Of course, their ultimate agenda is to normalize homosexuality, [but] the Lord says that's wrong. And we are going to be suffering the consequences of those decisions now."

Randy Thomasson, president of SaveCalifornia.com, helped lead the opposition to S.B. 48. He reports that it is California's eighth school sexual indoctrination law that forces immorality on K-12 students. He also points out that the bill prohibits teachers and textbooks from "telling children that homosexuality has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS and other STDs, higher cancer rates, and earlier deaths."

So he encourages parents to take their kids out of the public education system and explore different options, including church schools and home school.

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