Jul 15, 2011

Assad's Next Move

Hal LindseyBy Hal Lindsey
The Hal Lindsey Report

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Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad is playing with fire. As internal and international pressure for him to step down increases, his search for an incident to divert attention from his domestic plight is growing more desperate. He tried paying poor Syrian farmers to rush and breach the border with Israel in the hope of provoking an international incident. He also rallied his supporters to attack the U.S. and French embassies in the hope of provoking an international incident. He even tried offering "reforms" to the people, but the opposition is buying none of it.

Since Syria is the only nation who attacked Israel in the Six Day War that is still technically at war with Israel, some observers believe Assad may launch some sort of attack on the Jewish state in an effort to force an Israeli retaliation. His goal would be to draw the other Arab and Muslim nations to his defense.

Mr. Assad, who has not proven himself to be either a perceptive or adept tactician, should take a moment to read Isaiah 17 before he gives the order. The prophet predicted that in the last days, Damascus would be obliterated - overnight.

DamascusDamascus is the world's oldest continuously inhabited city. It has been conquered and occupied many times in its 6,000 years of existence, but it has never been destroyed. In the light of the instantaneous destructive power of nuclear missiles, the modern-day mechanics of this prophecy are easy to imagine. And a miscalculation on the part of a desperate dictator could trigger its fulfillment.

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