May 3, 2011

'Ecstatic' About Conservative Victory

Chad GroeningBy Chad Groening

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A Canadian pro-family leader is ecstatic that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have finally won a majority in Monday's elections that also resulted in the virtual demise of two of Canada's longtime political parties.

The Associated Press calls it "a shattering defeat" for the opposition Liberals and Quebec separatists. The Conservatives took the night as they won 167 seats while the New Democratic Party (NDP) moved into the second spot, supplanting the Liberal Party, with 102 seats. The Liberals were reduced to their lowest total in history with 34, and the Bloc Quebecois won only four seats. The Green Party won one seat.

Monday's vote gives Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper a majority in the 308-seat Parliament - something he has never enjoyed since taking office in 2006. Still, he had been able to get the opposition to lower sales and corporate taxes, avoid climate-change legislation, increase military spending, and extend the country's military mission in Afghanistan. (Harper says he won't move Canada hard to the right)

Brian Rushfeldt, executive director of Canada Family Action, says his country is a "better place" because of Monday's election results.

"I'm totally grateful for God's blessing on this nation because it was so profound last night with so many changes that truly the hand of God was in it, I believe," he tells OneNewsNow. "I'm certainly ecstatic with the majority Conservative government after five years of minority [in which] they weren't able to get the things done that they needed."

Rushfeldt says the province of Quebec virtually kicked out the Bloc Party, which wanted to separate the French-speaking province from the rest of Canada.

"I do think Canada is a stronger and a better country [post-election] because the separatists have been basically decimated, although they haven't gone away," says the family advocate. "But certainly they will not be sitting in our federal government where they should never have been. But still it concerns see one province go so far [toward] radical socialism."

Rushfeldt says the NDP is a socialist party which will now become the primary opposition party in Canada.

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