Apr 4, 2011

From Hell

Jim FletcherBy Jim Fletcher
Prophecy Matters

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Born into a good Lutheran family, Adolf Eichmann began life in the German town of Solingen, in 1906. Dropping out of high school, he worked a succession of jobs (including a subsidiary of Standard Oil!) until settling into his life’s role, Nazi villain.

He had good organizational skills, and he had developed a hatred of Jews. Those qualities compelled Reinhard Heydrich to install him as the logistical coordinator of deporting European Jews to the death camps.

Like many high-ranking Nazis, Eichmann fled to South America after Germany’s shattering defeat. In 1960, he was captured by Israeli Mossad agents in Argentina and transported to Israel, where he was put on trial. He was found guilty of crimes against humanity, and hanged in 1962.

Recently, audio tapes came to light in which Eichmann boasted to fellow Nazis, in 1953, that he had in fact been an integral part of the Holocaust. He only expressed regret that he hadn’t done a more thorough job!

It is my belief — not an original thought — that conditions are ripe again for mass Jew-hatred, this time all across the globe. Sadly, this is a biblical reality, as God said it would be so. He will rescue His people, however, partly to “redeem my Holy Name.” I do not fear for the Jews or for Israel, as many do. I do fear for those who are blind to the love God has for the Jews, and for people who are following in Eichmann’s footsteps.

Conditions in America are being created in which the Jews are once again being singled out as “Other.” They are being marginalized. Forget Europe; that continent is lost.

Sometimes, people ask me if I’m not being paranoid, unduly paranoid. In the case of how Israel and the Jews are perceived by the Christian community, I do not feel I’m reaching.

I was recently speaking with a ministry leader. He mentioned that there is a growing number of “Jews” entering the homeschool community. He didn’t mention Arab home school families, or Hispanic, or any other ethnic group. I also know him to tend toward Replacement Theology, although of course he’d vigorously deny it.

Also recently, I was visiting with a well-known apologetics teacher. We were discussing various topics that he teaches on. When I asked his personal views of Israel and Bible prophecy, he changed the subject. It seems all sorts of issues are in his quiver of speaking topics, but not the Jews.

It almost goes without saying that the Emergent crowd continues its drip, drip, drip ideological war with the Jews. One can see this readily in their blog postings, books, and speeches. I know the general range of speaking fees and book deals these guys are getting, and suffice to say they are getting rich spreading heresy. A major part of their plank is what I’d call their passive-aggressive stance toward Israel.

When the American Christian community fails to really condemn the Fogel family murders, or the Jerusalem bombing, or Jonathan Pollard’s continued incarceration, or Gilad Shalit’s imprisonment — while Baptist Sunday school teacher Jimmy Carter chums with dictators and the PLO — there is a moral failure that impacts the nation.

If you counter that the Church shouldn’t get involved in politics, then why does the Church immerse itself in every other political cause?

It has been announced that Yoram Cohen will become the new head of the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) in Israel. This is by appointment of Benjamin Netanyahu.

I would argue that the gritty work done by the Shin Bet — and other front-line defenses like the IDF and Mossad — keep not only Israelis safe, but us as well. Where do you think the U.S. gets much of its intelligence from with regard to the Middle East? Do you think it is due to our wonderful friendships with the Saudis or Egyptians? Please.

Let us pray and hope that Cohen does his job as well as the others he’s had the last 30 years. It is very easy for American “pacifists” like Brian McLaren and Tony Campolo to criticize Israeli efforts to defend their homeland (actually, one could argue that these pacifists who have cleverly assumed the label of evangelical are in fact front-line holy warriors, in their drive to marginalize Israel and its claim to its ancestral, biblical heartland).

Adolf Eichmann sprang from the earth as a model citizen of Germany. He was nurtured in the soil of anti-semitism. He was a good Lutheran. And he died in — I consider this point of the story to be sublime — Ramla, Israel, put to death by the Jews he had attempted to exterminate.

As I said recently in a church, the Jews went from Auschwitz to the Six Day War and Entebbe, in one generation. That is a resurrection so miraculous, one would have to hate Jews not to see its significance, and thrill at the implications.

Let us toast Yoram Cohen, remember him in our prayers, and praise and worship the Lord who kept His word (Isaiah 46).

Adolf Eichmann and his cohorts might still speak from the grave, to some degree, through these audio tapes. But one day they will rise from those graves, to everlasting terror.

But Israel’s glory is ahead of her. Long live Israel. Long live the Jewish people.

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