Oct 12, 2010

Poll Provides Fascinating Insight Into Voters’ Views on Israel

Joel C. RosenbergBy Joel C. Rosenberg

Members of the U.S. House and Senate who over the past two years have followed President Obama’s lead on major economic policy issues like raising taxes, spending and the national debt already know they are facing the wrath of angry voters on Election Day this November. But according to an intriguing new poll released Monday, candidates who have supported President Obama’s antagonistic policies towards Israel and appeasing policies towards Iran in the past several years will find still further opposition at the ballot box.

The survey of 1,000 American voters, conducted by the respected national polling firm of McLaughlin & Associates, shows that a majority of Americans who are likely to turn out to the polls this November are pro-Israel. They are deeply worried about the ayatollahs in Iran getting the Bomb. They don’t believe President Obama knows how to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. They believe the President is being unfair and unfriendly towards Israel. They believe he is biased in favor of the Palestinians. What’s more, a majority of voters say they are more likely to support a candidate who is clearly identified as pro-Israel than one who is not.


  • A stunning eight-out-of ten voters (78.5%) say they do not believe President Obama’s policies [such as economic sanctions and repeated attempts to engage the mullahs diplomatically] will stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons.
  • Nearly the exact same number (79.9)% believe once Iran gets nuclear weapons, they will launch annihilating nuclear missile attacks against the State of Israel.
  • Even more Americans (85.3%) are concerned that Iran will give nuclear weapons to terrorist groups once they get the Bomb.
  • Six in ten voters (59.8%) support U.S. military strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities if economic sanctions don’t work.
  • Six in ten voters (58.4%) would also support Israel’s military striking Iran’s nuclear facilities.
  • Some 54% of American voters disagree with President Obama’s approach of publicly criticizing and pressuring Israel when it comes to the peace process, while only 27% agree with the President’s approach.
  • Nearly half of all Americans (46.5%) believe President Obama’s policy of reaching out to the Muslim world has decreased U.S. national security, while only one-in-three (33.1%) believe it has increased our security.
The poll was commissioned by the Emergency Committee for Israel, an organization founded by William Kristol, the Jewish editor of The Weekly Standard, and Gary Bauer, the evangelical Christian writer and speaker who formerly headed up the Family Research Council and now runs a group called American Values.

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