Oct 26, 2010

Dr. Jeremiah, White House 'Agree to Disagree'

Jody BrownBy Jody Brown

While "cordial," yesterday's dialogue between a well-known evangelical pastor and the White House brought little agreement on the ultimate consequences of Barack Obama's economic policies.

Pastor David Jeremiah says he and President Obama's liaison to the faith-based community had a "very cordial conversation" on Monday, but "agreed to disagree" about comments Jeremiah made last week about the president's economic policies and the direction those policies are taking the U.S.

The phone conversation with Joshua DuBois was brought on by a OneNewsNow story in which Dr. Jeremiah described the president as a "globalist" and argued Obama was not an "asset" to the country, was moving the country toward socialism and, in that respect, was a "dangerous person."

Following his conversation yesterday with DuBois, Jeremiah released this statement to OneNewsNow:

"I talked with Joshua DuBois....He is a terrific young man who loves the president and his family. We had a very cordial conversation about the article that appeared in OneNewsNow last week, and we agreed to disagree on the issues reflected in that article.

"In this important dialogue about the future of our country and the resolution of the issues that we are currently facing as a nation, there must be room for criticism and debate, and each of us should feel the responsibility to speak out. Joshua knows of my concerns and left the door open for further discussions in the future.

"Please remember to pray for our nation and for our president!"
Just prior to his discussion with DuBois, Jeremiah appeared on American Family Radio's Today's Issues, sharing that he had no regrets about what he said in the initial article and did not offer the comments in a mean-spirited way.
"It was my opinion that that's where we're going. Nothing that I know of that's been brought to the fore...has made me change my mind about that. I am very concerned about where this country is going." (See earlier article)

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