Aug 9, 2010

US Aware of Missile Threat

David DolanBy David Dolan

The US government is fully aware of the growing missile threat against Israel and is committed to assisting its close ally in combating that threat. So said Andrews Shapiro, the assistant American secretary of state for political and military affairs.

Speaking at a security conference in Washington, he said “Advances in rocket technology require new levels of US-Israel cooperation,” which he added was also “the right thing to do.” Analyst said Shapiro was mainly referring to Iran’s ballistic missile program that has been producing rockets over the past few decades with progressively longer ranges carrying ever more powerful warheads. He also stated that American government commitment to Israel’s qualitative edge over its regional enemies “has never been greater.”

Meanwhile progress is continuing in Israel’s deployment of a new anti-missile system called Iron dome, aimed at intercepting shorter range missiles and rockets in the weapons arsenals of Syria, Hezbullah and Hamas. Several of the systems, jointly developed with the United States, are currently being set up. Military officials say they hope to have six additional Iron Dome systems in place by the end of next year.

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