Jul 6, 2010

Jews Find Jobs in Israel

David DolanBy David Dolan

They say that every cloud has a silver lining. This definitely seems to be the case concerning the worldwide economic crisis that began with the American financial meltdown in 2008. A number of countries have weathered the storm fairly well, among them Israel. Although economic growth slowed significantly as exports to Europe and the United States fell sharply, Israel did not officially fall into deep recession like many other countries did.

The worldwide financial crisis is thought to be the main reason for steadily increasing Jewish immigration over the past two years from the United States and parts of Europe. Danny Oberman heads a large Israel-based group which actively promotes immigration to the country and aids newly arrived Jews to settle in the land. He told reporters that his group has seen a rising number of single Jews, college graduates and heads of families who are finding that scarce jobs in their home countries are readily available in Israel. He noted that it is the first time in history that the Israeli economy is in better shape than in North America and the UK.

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