May 21, 2010

Israelis Preparing for Hezbollah Missile Strike

Joel C. RosenbergBy Joel C. Rosenberg

The Israel Defense Forces Home Front Command is putting together a plan for the mass evacuation of civilians in the event of missile and rocket attacks,” reports Haaretz.

“Hezbollah’s rockets can currently hit practically everywhere in the country. The plan will be studied as part of next week’s nationwide Home Front Command exercise. Defense officials are preparing for war scenarios including massive missile strikes on the home front. The authorities are assuming that many rockets would be fired at the northern border, rockets with heavier warheads would be aimed at the greater Tel Aviv area, and some IDF bases might be the first targets. Sources at Home Front Command say that in the event of war, the state would only evacuate civilians in certain areas such as the northern border, which may come under heavy bombardment.”
Meanwhile, “the US House of Representatives approved $205 million in new funding for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense project by a vote of 410-4 on Thursday,” reports the Jerusalem Post.
“The project is being developed to protect civilians, primarily along the Gaza Strip and Lebanese border, from short-range rockets and mortar attacks.”

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