Apr 26, 2010

Israel Update - April News Report

David DolanBy David Dolan

The diplomatic crisis between Israel and the United States seemed to ease somewhat during April as both countries apparently appraised the potentially devastating consequences of a full breach in ties. However many analysts said the failure of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to attend an international nuclear summit hosted by President Barrack Obama in Washington was a further sign that personal relations between the Israeli leader and the White House remain tense at best. This came as Iran’s Shiite leaders spewed forth more defiance, saying no nation on earth would stop them from pursuing their nefarious nuclear program.

Meanwhile mixed signals were transmitted during the month concerning the strained relations between NATO member Turkey and Israel, with more negative statements about Israel coming from Turkish government leaders even while Israel was delivering heavy weaponry to Ankara. Jordan’s monarch also spoke of deteriorating relations with the world’s only Jewish-run state, blaming the Netanyahu government’s building policy in all of Jerusalem for creating the purported crisis.

Reports that Syria, backed by Iran, has been smuggling advanced long-range Scud missiles to the Shiite Lebanese Hizbullah militia force sounded deafening alarm bells in Jerusalem. Such missiles could potentially strike all Israeli cities and towns, including the southern port city of Eilat, which was the recipient of two Katyusha rockets fired from nearby Egyptian territory in late April. Israeli leaders warned yet again that Syria itself would be targeted if Hizbullah launches another rocket or missile blitz at Israeli territory. This came as the Palestinian Hamas group said it would cease firing rockets into Israeli territory, at least for the time being.

With proposed American-mediated peace talks still on hold, a call by the Palestinian Authority government for stepped up anti-Israel activities also raised concerns in Jerusalem. Although the call was for non-violent actions, officials expressed concern that some Palestinian elements like Hamas and Islamic Jihad would seize the opportunity to escalate violent clashes with Israeli security forces.

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