Mar 16, 2010

Palestinians Rioting and It's Our Fault

Michael G. MickeyBy Michael G. Mickey

Voice of America is reporting Palestinians are rioting in East Jerusalem. The following is an excerpt from their article on the topic:

Dozens of Palestinians threw rocks at Israeli police and set tires ablaze in East Jerusalem Tuesday to protest Israel's consecration of a synagogue in the area.

Israeli police fired rubber bullets and stun grenades at the demonstrators and arrested several of them. Arab media say at least 20 Palestinians were injured. Israeli police say two officers also were hurt.

Palestinians are also angered by Israel's decision last week to build new homes for Jews in East Jerusalem, an area they claim as a future capital. Palestinian officials want the project scrapped before they join U.S.-mediated indirect peace talks with Israel.

U.S. officials say Mideast envoy George Mitchell has postponed his latest peace mission to the region. He had been due to leave Washington Monday.
While most everyone in the conservative Christian world understands that Palestinians are always looking for a reason to riot against Israel, the venom being spued by the Obama administration at Israel isn't helping matters.

Ever since the afternoon of 3-12-10, when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lambasted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu concerning Israel's decision to allow 1,600 apartments to be built in east Jerusalem for 43 minutes by telephone, the Obama administration has been livid. Here's the logic behind the White House's outrage, as absolutely insane as it sounds: How dare the Israelis develop their nation's land when the Palestinians want it?

It's funny, as in odd, that the Obama administration views Israel building 1,600 apartments as a greater threat to Middle East peace than Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, presently in pursuit of a nuclear weapon, threatening the annihilation of the Jewish state, which he did on 3-11-10 as reported by a number of news sources, but this is what you get when you allow liberals of the far Left variety to hold power.

Do I even need to state the obvious, which is the Left doesn't know up from down, right from wrong? Probably not, but it's demonstrably true - to the point of laughability as these circumstances effectively demonstrate. And guess what? The immediate future isn't looking any brighter as a second Voice of America article reflects:
Days have passed since Israel announced its intention to build 1,600 new housing units in East Jerusalem during a visit by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, but the Obama administration's anger appears undiminished.

Senior White House advisor David Axelrod on NBC's Meet the Press television program.

"This was an affront, it was an insult," Axelrod said. "But most importantly, it undermined this very fragile effort to bring peace to that region."
The Obama administration's anger with Israel is undiminished, is it? The administration needs to let its anger go and the sooner the better!

Even if President Obama has come to believe himself to be God, as the entire evening line-up of MSNBC news anchors do, he isn't...and the one true God of the universe has vowed to shake His hand against any nation that touches the apple of His eye - that apple being Israel. (Zechariah 2:8-9) When God speaks of 'shaking His hand' in that section of scripture, He isn't referring to a friendly gesture. He's speaking of acting in judgment!

Mr. President, We'd Like to Avoid God's Wrath

On behalf of Christians all over America who believe in God's Word and love the nation of Israel, I would appreciate it if the Obama administration would start being what our Founding Fathers intended it to be - a representative form of government, as in one that reflects THE NATION'S values, not its own misguided ideologies that threaten to bring the wrath of Almighty God against us!

If the Obama administration chooses to continue its childish behavior toward Israel, I have warned of the potential consequences as clearly as I know how. Even so, I want to stress emphatically that, as sure as God is alive and seated upon His throne, there are going to be consequences for our nation if it doesn't quickly right its path where Israel is concerned.

No Right-Wing Extremism Here

I shouldn't have to, but I fear I must be crystal clear in light of how maligned our government has shown itself to be by labeling Christians like me as right-wing extremists, so I want to explain what type of consequences I foresee as a possibility for our nation at this time.

When I say there will be consequences for our nation if the Obama administration continues its course of anger directed at Israel, I'm not referring to America's Christians loading up shotguns, rifles, crossbows, or slingshots and taking to the streets. I feel it necessary to clarify that since Christians are the kind of people who "cling to guns and religion" as President Obama once stated while among his kind in San Francisco where he thought none of us would ever hear. I'm talking of divine consequences, the kind that flow from the throne of God. When it comes to protecting the nation of Israel as He sees fit, God doesn't need even a tiny bit of help from His people. All one needs to do is examine Ezekiel 38-39 to see that! Hopefully, that clarifies any potential misunderstanding of what I'm trying to convey here but who knows? Reality is but a concept to some people.

Back to Those Rioting Palestinians

As I hearkened to earlier, the Palestinians don't need a lot of excuses to riot against Israel, but make no mistake about it. The fact that the United States is openly expressing its "anger" toward Israel for not giving the Palestinians what they want? It is fueling the fires of hatred in the region toward Israel, literally escalating tensions there. The timing couldn't be worse which the Obama administration should fully understand in light of recent events.

During Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech of 3-11-10, in which he vowed that Israel's annihilation was at hand, he indicated that Israel is "losing the support of the West and would soon disappear." What do we presently see the Obama administration doing in the aftermath of that hideous threat of genocide against the children of Israel? Nothing but adding credibility to Ahmadinejad's words! And to think the Left mocked George W. Bush's naivete' where his foreign policies were concerned!

From Friday's telephone beat down of the Israeli Prime Minister to David Axelrod's appearance on NBC's Meet The Press (during which he characterized Israel as a hindrance to Middle East peace) to today's postponement of U.S. Middle East peace envoy George Mitchell's planned trip to the region, the United States has emboldened all of Israel's enemies with no let-up in sight. The ever opportunistic Palestinians, as a result, are rioting in east Jerusalem.

It's our fault and the worst may be yet to come, perhaps another intifada, the sort of thing appeasement of evil always leads to.

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