Jan 26, 2010

War Coming with Lebanon and Syria?

David DolanBy David Dolan

Israeli military and political leaders expressed grave concern over Syrian media reports stating that officials in Damascus believe Israel is preparing for a springtime offensive against Hizbullah militia forces in Lebanon. According to the Syrian Al Watan newspaper, the Assad regime has hard intelligence indicating that a major IDF offensive is being planned for this coming May. The reports stated that Syrian leaders have vowed to enter any such conflict on Hizbullah’s behalf. Reports said a call up of reserve Syrian soldiers began on January 23.

Prime Minister Netanyahu forcefully denied that any military action was being planned. However other members of his cabinet said a major clash with the heavily re-armed Lebanese force is inevitable at some point.

Meanwhile Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah delivered yet another anti-Israel diatribe on January 16, vowing to "change the face of the region" if another war breaks out with Israel. He claimed Lebanon was "facing the threats that you hear about today, adding that “if another war breaks out with the Zionists, we will defeat the enemy and achieve a great victory.”

The Shiite clerical leader averred that "Israel is in real trouble,” and repeated earlier assertions that “a handful of resistance fighters and jihadists” bested the more powerful IDF during the 2006 Second Lebanon War.”

The Kuwaiti newspaper, Al Rai, quoted an unnamed American government official who said that Syria is training Hizbullah militiamen in the use of sophisticated anti-aircraft missile batteries which could bring down Israeli fighter aircraft. The official reportedly added that Israeli leaders have passed on messages to Damascus through third parties warning that if Syria allows Hizbullah to deploy SA-2 anti-aircraft batteries inside Lebanon, Damascus itself will be bombed and another major Middle East war will begin. However the official said he did not see such a war as likely given the stern Israeli warning, which will hopefully cause Syria to prevent such SA-2 systems from being moved into Hizbullah-controlled Lebanese territory.

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