Dec 6, 2009

Europe Moves to Divide Jerusalem!

David HockingBy David Hocking

Led by Sweden, there are reports that 27 member states of the European union are prepared to recognize a portion of Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian State.

This unprecedented campaign has united Israel’s political parties as never before. Even Prime Minister Netanyahu’s bitter rival, Tzipi Livni, has condemned this action.

The Europeans have become aggressively active in a desperate attempt to save the collapsing government of Palestinian Authority. Ever since Hamas won the “elections” in Gaza, the PA has been fighting an uphill battle to stay relevant. All indicators are reporting that with each day the PA and its President Abbas are growing weaker and weaker.

With negotiations with Israel at an impasse, Hamas is fully engaged in talks over a possible prisoner exchange to gain the freedom of abducted soldier Shalit. Hamas is effectively acting like the representative of the Palestinians.

Caught in this bind, Abbas has reached out to his European allies and subsidizers to marginalize Israel by recognizing a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital. Even Israelis like Livni and Peres who support this solution adamantly oppose this conclusion being imposed on Israel. They believe this should be a result of final status talks.

But it is important to understand that this is not just a debating point. Israel is now faced with a very serious challenge. How can it function in an international community that feels it can impose its will on Israel without consent of this democratic government.

Meanwhile, the Netanyahu government’s moratorium on construction in the West Bank is causing civil strife in Israel. Communities are opposing the presence of building inspectors in their areas. Foreign inspectors are demanding the right to monitor their activities.

Did Israel agree to this? Did Israel agree to give up its sovereignty over its own territory and people?

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