Nov 13, 2009

Federal Seizure of Islamic Centers Not What They Appear to Be

Bill WilsonBy Bill Wilson

News is that Federal prosecutors have moved to seize four Islamic centers and mosques and a major New York office building because they are thought to be assisting in funding Iran's nuclear program. Associated Press reports that the properties are owned by the Alavi Foundation, suspected of laundering money to the Iranian terrorist regime. The foundation's lawyer says he intends to litigate the case and prevail as his client has been cooperating with the government's investigation for nearly a year. This particular action will have far reaching implications for Islam in America. It will open a court debate on whether Islamic centers supporting terrorism fall under First Amendment protection.

The Council on American Islamic Relations already is saying the government is crossing the line of separation of church and state. CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said,

"Whatever the details of the government's case against the owners of the mosques, as a civil rights organization we are concerned that the seizure of American houses of worship could have a chilling effect on the religious freedom of citizens of all faiths and may send a negative message to Muslims worldwide."
This case will most certainly test the First Amendment religious freedom guarantees. It will either establish that Islam is not a religion when it acts against the country or it will forbid forevermore any actions against Islamic centers.

Many are questioning the timing of the seizures. Some say that it is timed to show Americans that the government will indeed act against hostile Islamists in America. But this administration and this government is the most sympathetic to Islam in history. Perhaps, the government, whose leader has strong Islamic ties, can accomplish much with these seizure actions at this particular time. By appearing to move against the holy worship centers of the Islamic system, this administration may know that its court system will be well positioned to give a clean bill of health to mosques under the Constitution. At the same time, the Administration is sending a clear message to Iran.

The message to Iran centers around the three CIA Ag-student tourists, who have been brought up on spy charges for hiking near the Iranian border - Give these kids back or we will shut off the funding for your nuclear program here in the US. The money for the nuclear program is not so much the issue as is the Muslim Brotherhood Civilization Jihad plan to colonize America with Islamic mosques and eventually take the country under the Islamic flag.

2 Timothy 3:16 says of the latter days,
"But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived."
There is a lot of deception going on here, and trust not the government because things are not as they appear.

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