Nov 3, 2009

The Czech Republic Has Signed the Treaty to Make Way for the United States of Europe

Jimmy DeYoungBy Jimmy DeYoung

After the constitutional court of the Czech Republic ruled that the EU's Lisbon Treaty is in line with the Czech constitution, the way was clear for Czech President Klaus to go ahead and sign the Lisbon Treaty and thus ratify the document that will lead the way to the United States of Europe to form a very powerful economic and political body of nations.

The European parliament president says the treaty will be in effect throughout the EU and enter into force by the end of this year.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

With the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, the EU can now move ahead with uniting the EU member states into a major economic and political power as called for in Bible prophecy for the last days.

The Czech Republic, the last hold out on ratifying the Lisbon Treaty, now has signed the EU treaty that will gel the 27-member states into a major force in the global, political and economic world. The Lisbon Treaty calls for a permanent president as well as a foreign policy leader to lead them in the future. This scenario sounds very familiar to a student of Bible prophecy.

The ancient Jewish prophet Daniel wrote of the revival of the old Roman Empire in the last days and a leader of that empire who would actually become the leader of the world, Daniel 2 and Daniel 7:7-24.

I would submit for your consideration the EU as at least the infrastructure for this revived Roman Empire. It has all the characteristics of the old Roman Empire and the EU's permanent president would surely fit the bill as the called for leader of the revived Roman Empire. By the way, that one world leader known in Scripture as the Antichrist who heads up the revived Roman Empire will work for peace in the Middle East and control of a global economic structure among other items on his agenda.

The EU in full force fits the requirements called for in Bible prophecy.

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