Oct 16, 2009

The White House Has Now Identified the Real Threat ... Fox News

Hal LindseyBy Hal Lindsey

We just thought the enemy was hunkered down in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Iran. Obviously not. The White House has now identified the real threat. It's Fox News Channel.

The White House Communications Director has accused Fox News of being a part of the Republican Party. She also announced that Fox isn't nearly as reputable and objective as CNN. CNN is SO objective that it's recently taken to analyzing and 'correcting' comedy sketches on Saturday Night Live that lampoon President Obama! It's almost laughable. But the prospect of the White House using its power and resources to quash a news and opinion outlet which is protected by the Constitution (the same one that protects CNN), is no laughing matter.

Even the Federal Communications Commission is getting in on the conspiracy. In May, the acting chairman suggested that the broadcast station license term should be shortened and the renewal process given some "public interest teeth." Finding excuses to deny license renewals is precisely how Hugo Chavez seized control of the Venezuelan media in 2007.

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