Oct 22, 2009

Biology of Messiah

Arnold FruchtenbaumBy Arnold Fruchtenbaum

Q. I have read articles that state that a “miracle of special creation was involved when God became man.” The idea portrayed is that God created the body of Jesus instead of Jesus being the biological son of Mary. What is your opinion about this view?

A. What the covenants clearly point out is that the Messiah has to be a biological descendant of Adam, Abraham, Judah, and David. If God merely created a body for Jesus and simply put it into Mary’s womb, then she is not the biological mother of Jesus and therefore, there would be no direct biological connection to David, Judah, Abraham, and Adam. This goes against the whole Bible scheme.

The assumption behind the articles you have read is that if Jesus was generated from Mary’s egg, then He would inherit the sin nature of man. This presumes a lack in the power of God because it is not essentially true. In fact, Luke spells out exactly why Mary’s egg was generated but Jesus did not inherit Mary’s sin nature. This is found in Luke 1:35 where the angel says,

“The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; and for that reason the holy Child shall be called the Son of God.”
What kept Yeshua from inheriting the sin nature of Mary was the overshadowing work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit generated Mary’s egg, protecting it from inheriting the sin nature and therefore what was born of Mary was holy.

Again, the requirement was that the Messiah be a direct descendant of Adam, Abraham, Judah, and David. If Mary was simply a surrogate mother and was not the biological mother of Jesus, then Jesus does not have a direct biological line to anyone before Him. No creation occurred in the womb, but the Holy Spirit took one of Mary’s eggs and generated it and produced the sinless God-Man.