Jul 31, 2009

Digital TV = Mark of the Beast Posturing?

Michael G. Mickey
By Michael G. Mickey

Why did we suddenly need to switch all our televisions from receiving analog signals to digital? According to the government, the reasons are as follows:

The switch to DTV will offer a host of important public benefits, to include:
  • Freeing up parts of the broadcast spectrum for public safety communications (police/fire/rescue).
  • Allowing some of the spectrum to be auctioned to companies that will be able to provide consumers with more advanced wireless services (such as wireless broadband).
  • Allowing stations to offer improved picture and surround sound (enhanced audio).
  • Expanding programming choices for viewers. For example, a broadcaster will be able to offer multiple digital programs simultaneously (multicasting).
  • Providing interactive video and data services that are not possible with analog technology. [More...]
But what if that's not the whole picture? Does anyone other than me recall that, during Chief Justice John Roberts' confirmation hearings, he was told - point blank - that he would have to rule on whether a microchip implant could be implanted in a human body "to track his every movement?" It was noted then that there were discussions being held to that effect as shown in the video below.

So, having now established that our sitting Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court was not asked but told, by none other than our current vice president Joe Biden, that he was going to have to rule on microchip implants becoming mandatory in our nation, would it raise your suspicions if someone broke ranks with a major company in the United States, namely IBM, to warn citizens of the United States that the hidden truth is the switch to digital television was made, in part, to accommodate the eventual microchipping of humans?

From Dpprogram.net, which I confess at the outset is largely a conspiracy theory website I don't agree with in terms of the site's total content:
According to a former 31-year IBM employee, the highly-publicized, mandatory switch from analog to digital television is mainly being done to free up analog frequencies and make room for scanners used to read implantable RFID microchips and track people and products throughout the world.

So while the American people, especially those in Texas and other busy border states, have been inundated lately with news reports advising them to hurry and get their expensive passports, “enhanced driver’s licenses,” passport cards and other “chipped” or otherwise trackable identification devices that they are being forced to own, this digital television/RFID connection has been hidden, according to Patrick Redmond.

Redmond, a Canadian, held a variety of jobs at IBM before retiring, including working in the company’s Toronto lab from 1992 to 2007, then in sales support. He has given talks, written a book and produced a DVD on the aggressive, growing use of passive, semi-passive and active RFID chips (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) implanted in new clothing, in items such as Gillette Fusion blades, and in countless other products that become one’s personal belongings. These RFID chips, many of which are as small, or smaller, than the tip of a sharp pencil, also are embedded in all new U.S. passports, some medical cards, a growing number of credit and debit cards and so on. More than two billion of them were sold in 2007.

Whether active, semi-passive or passive, these “transponder chips,” as they’re sometimes called, can be accessed or activated with “readers” that can pick up the unique signal given off by each chip and glean information from it on the identity and whereabouts of the product or person, depending on design and circumstances, as Redmond explained in a little-publicized lecture in Canada last year. AFP just obtained a DVD of his talk.

Noted “Spychips” expert, author and radio host Katherine Albrecht told AMERICAN FREE PRESS that while she’s not totally sure whether there is a rock-solid RFID-DTV link, “The purpose of the switch [to digital] was to free up bandwidth. It’s a pretty wide band, so freeing that up creates a huge swath of frequencies.” [More...]
Is Patrick Redmond telling the truth concerning why we have made the transition from analog to digital television and, if so, does this recent move bring us yet another step closer to the prophesied mark of the beast and the fulfillment of end times prophecy? I don't pretend to know but it's worth considering.

The whole analog-to-digital television thing seemed hurried, ill-explained and a bit odd to me from the start. It just didn't sit right in my gut and now, perhaps, I'm beginning to understand why. No conclusions on my part, but perhaps.

Keep looking up! Our redemption draweth nigh!

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