Jul 15, 2009

Ask the Professor

Jeffrey Seif
By Dr. Jeffrey Seif

Q. Dr. Seif, America has been helping Israel for quite some time. Really now, don’t you think it’s about time that we did something good for the Arab people? It’s only right. — D.

A. Hi D.— I agree that helping people is great — all people. Jesus imposes a kindness mandate upon us, even when we don’t feel gracious toward others. Jesus thinks that loving people is the right thing, and I humbly agree with Him — though I do not agree with you entirely.

While I believe that we should sacrificially love others — Arabs in your case — let’s not sacrifice Jews in the process.

Speaking of loving, we Americans have rid the Muslim world of the tyrant Saddam Hussein, and we have poured billions of dollars into various Muslim countries and charities — despite the lack of appreciation from either.

The good our nation does for the Arab world speaks well of us. But the move to sacrifice others, to push another sovereign country, Israel, to give up its real estate to belligerents bent on its destruction, goes beyond the bounds of our offering a loving self-sacrifice. So does insisting that Israel scale back its much-needed defenses.

In this case, it’s not about pushing ourselves to give Arab Muslims in the Middle East a hand, as much as pushing Israeli Jews to tie their hands behind their backs so that others can come and cut their throats.

So yes, in my estimation I believe we should continue to sacrificially help Arab peoples. We should not sacrifice others, however. This is where I draw the line.