Jun 11, 2009

World Health Organization Declares Global Flu Pandemic

Jimmy DeYoung
By Jimmy DeYoung

After an emergency meeting of the World Health Organization, referred to as WHO, the organization declared a global flu pandemic which means that the Swine Flu is spreading in at least two regions of the world with rising cases being seen in the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and Chile. Swine Flu has spread to 74 countries with officials reporting 28,000 cases globally and figures are rising daily which could repeat the first flu pandemic some 40 years ago in 1968 when Hong Kong Flu killed about 1 million people.

WHO spokesman, Gregory Hardy, said they had been expecting something more like the deadlier Bird Flu where they would see really high death rates thus there were people who believed that we might be in a kind of an apocalyptic situation.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Though the Swine Flu global pandemic declared by the World Health Organization is not yet apocalyptic as many had expected, it is a precursor to what will be apocalyptic in the future - according to Bible prophecy.

The World Health Organization has been waiting to declare a global Swine Flu pandemic for the right moment, not wanting to cause worldwide panic. In the back of their minds, WHO remembers the 1968 flu pandemic with the loss of 1 million people. In today's world with global transportation and more crowded areas, the spread of Swine Flu has been enhanced. This declaration by the World Health Organization of the global pandemic is a reminder to Bible prophecy students that the future will unfold such a pandemic in our world.

Jesus Christ, in His Olivet Discourse, used the Old English word "pestilence" in Matthew 24:7 when talking about a global pandemic that will cause death. This coming worldwide spread of disease would be a sign of the Lord's return to Earth. In the book of Revelation, John the Apostle wrote of the last days and the judgments to come with the fourth seal judgment being death of one fourth of the Earth's population (Revelation 6:7-8).

Whether Swine Flu is what's referred to or not in Bible prophecy, Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

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