Jun 11, 2009

Urgent Call to Prayer

Stan Goodenough

By Stan Goodenough

On Sunday, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be going before his nation, and before the world, to deliver his much anticipated foreign policy speech.

The two issues he is certain to focus on are Iran’s nuclear threat and Israel’s negotiations with the Palestinian Arabs.

As he prepares to lay out his vision, this man is under unimaginable pressure to succumb to the will of the entire international community, of many Israelis, and even of his own defense minister, Ehud Barak.

(Barak is the man who, as prime minister in 2000, offered Yasser Arafat everything he wanted, including “east” Jerusalem and the Temple Mount - Israel’s most sacred site. Netanyahu gave him the defense portfolio because he is a good soldier, but he is overstepping his brief by dabbling in the diplomatic process. His sights are believed to be set on returning to the prime minister’s chair.)

What the world wants, what left wing Israelis want, what Egypt and all the other Arab and Muslim states want, is for “Bibi” to agree to the two-state-solution: the creation of an Arab state called Palestine on the biblical and historical land of the Jews.

The creation of this, 23rd, Arab state would pose a direct existential threat to the State of Israel. This is not theory or speculation - its a cold, solid, and amply proven fact.

Once they have got Netanyahu to “OK” this as a solution, the way will be open for the nations to implement it, and Israel’s demise (projected by the CIA last month as being no more than 20 years away) will be that much closer.

We know from history that this prime minister is not strong enough to withstand and resist this pressure on his own. And his inability - thanks to Barak - to present his government’s united front to oppose it, makes for some rather grim expectations.

But God!

If you believe in the God of Israel and have faith in His Word, then please join me and pray - between now and Sunday (June 14) - for Him to pour unyielding iron into Netanyahu’s spine and/or that the Lord will generate circumstances and events that will deflect or ameliorate the pressures on the prime minister, enabling him to keep to the path he knows is the correct and best way for his people.

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