Jun 29, 2009

Atheists and Their Invisible Enemy

Todd Strandberg
By Todd Strandberg

For the past several weeks, Rapture Ready has experienced a series of attacks from various atheist groups. Like moths to a flame, they are endlessly fascinated with what we poor, right-wing, fundamentalist wackos are up to. They manifest their presence by logging onto the message board and sending me nasty emails. Several times I've received comments that talked by about my invisible friend. I assume they were referring to the Lord of the universe.

Atheists don't really do their cause much good by being so hateful. If God doesn't exist, there should be no need to attack Him on a personal level. Atheists’ willingness to fight with an invisible enemy only helps prove there is some supernatural being causing their irritation.

Here is one example of this boiling hatred atheists have for God:
"No, God did not write the bible, nor did he write any other books (such as the Koran). But there is one thing we can say about God. More deaths have been the result of his name than the combination of all the wars that America has been in. Apparently, God is responsible for more deaths than Hitler; and let me add that there has been no evidence of 'Him' ever saving anyone's life. So I say: He is a tyrant, an oppressor, and a ruthless killer. He is a commander of death. If he created us, why does he have to allow so much death? Has he abandoned us? Has he gone on vacation? Why does he influence us to kill?"
There obviously has to be a fixation on God when I see leading atheist sites bearing such titles as "God Is for Suckers," "God Is Imaginary," and "God Is Pretend." You can’t hope to erase the existence of a deity by making him your enemy. If someone is your foe, he must exist.

The key problem with the whole atheist movement is that it's an empty shell. The atheists’ hatred of God is the only thing they have in common. If religion is the result of ignorance, atheists should be doing their best to educate people. The death blow to Christianity will only come from neglect. This is what killed off thousands of other gods; they died when people quit believing in them. If you want to remove a God-based religion from society, you need to replace it with a better system.

One key quality that atheists lack is charity. Thousands of Christian organizations offer humanitarian services to people. I couldn't think of any major atheist charities, so I did a search of the Internet for answers. I quickly found that atheists are equally stumped by their lack of social conscience. I found one atheist blog that tried to point to groups like the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders as examples of atheist charities. At best, these groups can only be called secular in nature. None of them carries the banner of good will in the name of atheism.

One of the strangest gripes we have received from the godless is their disdain for the rapture. They are angry over an event they believe will never happen. Author Richard Dawkin took me personally to task in his book the God Delusion for asking people who are left behind to look after RR when I’m gone. Several other atheist writers have also cited the rapture as one of the evil attributes of Christianity.

Not all the animosity is pointed at God. Atheists have been extremely vicious in their attacks on believers. When Rev. Jerry Falwell died a couple of years ago, atheists came out of the woodwork to spew venom on his corpse. Christopher Hitchens was probably the most vile example. Here is Hitchens' response to CNN's Anderson Cooper, who asked whether he believed in heaven and whether "you think Jerry Falwell is in it." Hitchens said he did not believe in it, but "I think it's a pity there isn't a hell for him to go to."

The disdain atheists have for God is one of the reasons I believe there is a supernatural being. The Bible tells us that unsaved man would manifest his demonic nature in such a way. Atheists can’t ignore God because they are instruments in fulfilling His will.

Despite all the recent coverage by the liberal media, atheism still has very few followers. A recent Pew Forum survey on religion found that only 1.6% call themselves atheists, with another 2.4% weighing in as agnostics (a group despised as wishy-washy by atheists). I think the main reason for the lack of success in the atheist movement is that man is hardwired to believe in a divine creator.

The ultimate doom for atheism is coming very shortly. When the rapture takes place, only non-believers with the hardest of hearts will be able to still say there is no God. For those few people who still hold out, they will meet their invisible enemy face to face at the Great White Throne judgment.