May 15, 2009

Why Bother with Our Country as the End Times Are upon Us - Wrong Attitude

By Bill Wilson

In recent weeks there seems to be some confusion among Christians as to their responsibility to their nation. Many have commented to me that they have read the last book of the Bible and we win, so there is no use considering the current state of our nation or the direction of the world toward the one world order. They tell me that the end time is set in stone and there is nothing that Christians can do to change it. They say that the fallen nature of our nation is just part of the end time condition of mankind, so accept it and go along with it. Forgive me for being so bold, but I believe this attitude is against everything we are instructed to do in the Bible.

While the prophetic end times may be upon us, we are not supposed to sit around holding hands singing Kumbya and hoping for the best. And I believe strongly that while we as mere humans cannot stop the march of prophecy, we can determine our place in it. We as Christians are supposed to be salt and light to this dark and dying world. We have been instructed from the time of Moses through John the Revelator to be world changers. Jesus Christ tells us over and over again our duties as Christians. The Great Commission found in Acts 1:8, Matthew 28:19 and in Mark 16:15 tells us to "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." Jesus specifically tells us in Luke 19:13, "Occupy till I come."

Occupying isn't just sitting around waiting for God's predestined plan to unfold. In the context of what Jesus said, the Greek dictionary says occupy means "to busy oneself with, to trade." The English dictionary says an occupier is one who "takes possession and control, such as a military invasion." In order to occupy in this nation, where the Lord saw fit that the people choose its leaders and government, one must be clear on his mission. And to do that, one must know the Bible. God's word gives us all the tools and the Holy Spirit gives us the spiritual gifts to occupy. To do so, we must understand His word as it is meant, not as it is taught by deceivers who loosely translate the word of God to their advantage.

God brought the Israelites out of slavery and established them in their own land. He told them that they must follow His statutes otherwise they would face severe judgment. They did not obey Him and they were scattered across the earth. America was dedicated in covenant with God as Christians came to occupy it. Generations of Christians before us were a beacon of the light of Christ to other nations. Now many Christians seem to believe that occupying means just "being". And they don't understand that their nation is falling apart because they are not involved. We must encourage one another to be active occupiers - and to not criticize those who do by saying they are judgmental and hateful. Let us be the solution not the problem.