May 19, 2009

An American Held Islamic Dagger at Israel's Throat

By Bill Wilson

The White House has apparently dangled a diplomatic dagger over Israel in favor of the Islamic world. In public remarks after meeting with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the man who occupies the Oval Office (OOO) gave no hope of American intervention with Iran other than more of the same. He said,
"But I assured the Prime Minister that we are not foreclosing a range of steps, including much stronger international sanctions, in assuring that Iran understands that we are serious."
Yet, sanctions upon sanctions imposed on Iran for nearly a decade have served only to buy Iran more time to build its nuclear program rather than halt its progress.

Then with the slightest nuance, OOO reiterated what his Chief of Staff recently told Jewish leaders that America's help with Israel's security goals regarding Iran are tied to Israel's movement on a Palestinian state. OOO's parting comment was most telling:
"So let me just summarize by saying that I think Prime Minister Netanyahu has the benefit of having served as Prime Minister previously. He has both youth and wisdom - and I think is in a position to achieve the security objectives of Israel, but also bring about historic peace. And I'm confident that he's going to seize this moment. And the United States is going to do everything we can to be constructive, effective partners in this process."
Netanyahu, however, firmly separated Iran and a Palestinian state. He said if Iran acquired nuclear weapons,
"it could give a nuclear umbrella to terrorists, or worse, it could actually give terrorists nuclear weapons."
Then Natanyahu revealed his position on a Palestinian state in no uncertain terms. He said,
"I think that the Palestinians will have to recognize Israel as a Jewish state; will have to also enable Israel to have the means to defend itself. And if those conditions are met, Israel's security conditions are met, and there's recognition of Israel's legitimacy, its permanent legitimacy, then I think we can envision an arrangement where Palestinians and Israelis live side by side in dignity, in security, and in peace."
OOO cunningly seems to have placed an American held Islamic dagger over Israel's leadership - if Israel wants America's help in dealing with Iran, then Israel must accept and be active participants in establishing a Palestinian state. Israel's Prime Minister essentially said "fine, its in all our interest to not have a nuclear Iran. And by the way the terrorists cannot have their Palestinian state without first recognizing Israel's right to exist and to defend herself." God says of Israel in Genesis 12:3,
"I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curses thee."
Israel does not need America to survive, but America should bless Israel to receive the blessing of God. Judgment may be forthcoming.

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