Apr 27, 2009

From Pandemics to Loose Nukes, the World's Out of Control

By Jan Markell

Thank you for your prayers for the TV filming by Jewish Voice Broadcasts International in Phoenix last week. Three half-hour programs were taped featuring prophecy teachers/writers Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Jack Kinsella, Steve Spillman, and me. Dr. J. Randall Price was not able to make it at the last minute. Jonathan Bernis, director of the ministry, moderated the discussion for the prophecy panel. I will alert you to the airings, which will run between May 17 and early June. You can watch the programs on their Web site if you can't access them on TV.

While the panel was discussing the rapidly escalating "signs of the times," it occurred to me that messages are being sent today to the unregenerated (unsaved) and regenerated (saved) world. Both are getting a targeted message that is biblically based. But the two have entirely different worldviews.

I saw a recent newspaper headline that read, "Everything Is Spinning Out of Control." I hear talk show hosts saying the same thing as well as Web site writers. There is always an attempt to pin the tail on some of the worst issues going on today. Some acknowledge that in this "pinning the tail on the donkeys," there may not be enough donkey tails! Some will even admit that the can-do, bootstrap approach embedded in the American psyche may be slipping. Eroding it is a powerlessness that is chipping away at the country's sturdy conviction that man and government can alter destiny, right wrongs, and set the planet on a new course.

Yes, the world got infected with a campaign slogan of "Yes, we can!" when, in fact, we can do nothing without God's guidance, mercy, and blessing.

So, "no we can't" stop the birth-pang signs that are supposedly "spinning out of control." That's why nobody said it would be easy to be born for such a time as this! So now we have a potential global pandemic. This doomsday scenario will create in some great anxiety (and new legislation may be passed since the new administration says we should never waste a crisis).

From pandemics to loose nukes, human government is trying to do the supernatural. The results would be humorous were they not so pathetic. All of the efforts to "save the earth" by spending trillions of dollars will be dashed because that is not in God's plan.

The unbelieving world is being steered by secular humanists who have great faith in man and none in God. They believe all things are possible with the right human leaders. They are opening themselves up to receive a supernatural man, likely in the near future, known in the Bible as the Antichrist. He will appear as a man-with-a-plan and perfect "Mr. Fix-it." And he will have a legion of issues to fix!

These people do not have the light of the Holy Spirit in them, and thus they cannot connect the dots that the time is short and that they are deluded. Please share your faith with them! If you wondered why you may have been born for such a time as this, here is one major reason. God is bringing people into your life who need to hear the gospel and whose soul needs saving. Many of you have been placed on the planet to do this while there is still time. Ignore the gospel of global warming and focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ, His soon return, and the need for your loved ones to come to saving faith in Him.

The world of the believer is being sent a message as well. Human government has been and always will be a failure. Unregenerated man will act only in self-serving ways, pretending to "serve the people" but in realty, only serving self.

Believers, on the other hand, are being sent a reminder that only a theocracy will ever work and the Bible talks about only one such forthcoming Kingdom. It is Jesus ruling out of Jerusalem for 1,000 years. He will not rule out of Washington, Cairo, or London. Only Jerusalem -- historically rich but poor in natural resources. King Jesus will make right the world that has gone haywire, driven by greed and power.

The most powerful leader in the world always resides in Washington, D.C. That makes that real estate the most important in the world. But someday soon, it is going to be dwarfed into irrelevance as the King of kings rules the world with perfect government from literal Jerusalem.

Somebody get excited about it!