Apr 27, 2009

The Big Red One

By Jim Fletcher

I was having dinner recently — in a German restaurant — and overheard an elderly man tell his wife, “I haven’t been this nervous since D-Day.” Normally I don’t eavesdrop, but this was too intriguing.

He was explaining that coupled with end-of-life issues, he was deeply worried about our culture.

When they finished their meal, I approached him and put out my hand. I thanked him for what he’d done and then asked: “Which beach was yours?”


I looked at him and almost cried.

I asked him which wave he went in on.

“The first.”


When I saw his cap, emboldened in red with the words “Big Red One” (a reference to the famed 1st Infantry Division), it all made sense.

This man traveled that June morning in 1944 across the English Channel, knowing he was part of the largest invasion force in history. How terrified they must have been! The first wave on Omaha Beach was total chaos and carnage. The Germans were waiting and well-entrenched.

It was chilling to me to think that that kind of terror was being repeated in his life…because of the culture.

I mention this little story because Omaha Beach is looming for Bible believers. Those who support Israel in particular are confronting an evil so dug-in, it will take every form of protection to survive.

I think of how much pressure there is on Benjamin Netanyahu to play diplomatic ball and agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Our support of Israel is going to be tested. The international community, the religious world — even friends and family — will have a problem with our support of the Jewish people.

Our illustrious secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, suggested this week that unless Israel plays ball with the Palestinians — engaging in the insane “peace process” — the Arab world will not help the Israelis cope with Iranian threats.

Just what does that mean? A five-year-old knows the Arabs are Israel’s sworn enemies, and have been for generations. This is like saying if we don’t sit down with the Taliban, they won’t help us cope with Al Qaida. Hillary Clinton is not stupid.

I am convinced that while past U.S. administrations were not truly friendly to Israel, the current one is by far the most openly sinister. Obama is a globalist who has contempt for Zionism.

The Iranian Hitler again said last week that the “idol of Zionism” must be broken.

So we host him at the U.N. As was pointed out the other day on talk radio, American taxpayers give five billion a year to the United Nations. We are paying them to hate us.

The biblical thing about all this is, God is very clear in His Word that He literally hates Israel’s enemies and will enter into judgment with them. By contrast, world leaders today embrace Israel’s enemies.

Here’s a thought: contrary to popular opinion, the Bible is true. The prophecies have been fulfilled and more to come. So if God said that He will feed the Jews’ enemies their own flesh, is it good to take the short-term easy way out and join the chorus condemning Israel? This is elementary.

To promote my new book, It's the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine), I was interviewed by a radio host from New Zealand a few days ago. He gets it. We discussed not only world pressure on Israel, but also the terrible view of Bible prophecy that the Emergent Community has.

The noose is tightening around Israel, and, by extension, those who love her.

We are heading across the Channel now; it won’t be long. But instead of fear, I feel joy. Excitement. We need not be nervous at the things we see unfolding. We are on the right side, and this world might hurt for a little while, but a glorious morning is coming.

I can feel it.

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