Mar 7, 2009

Six Blind Men and an Elephant

By J.R. Church

I received some discouraging news this week. The doctor informed me that cancer was growing in my liver again. The chemotherapy pills I have been taking since September don’t seem to be all that successful. The surgery last August 4, to ablate the tumor did not keep it from returning.

I am a lifelong Christian with a strong belief in the wisdom and power of Almighty God. I have no doubts that the Lord has a reason for sending this test into my life. I turned 70 in November, and have now lived longer than King David did -- and I am certainly not as worthy as David. So, for every day I remain alive, I am blessed.

I am convinced that God will not take me home until I have completed my journey -- but who knows when that will be. I long to hear Him say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." But, reflecting back on my life, I sometimes envision myself in heaven, sitting in a small room, down a long hallway, attempting a plea bargain before meeting the Judge.

I have been blessed with the privilege of seeing a few things in the Bible that speak of a bright future for us all. But, I know that I have not seen the whole picture. In a moment of pure inspiration, Hal Lindsey once said to me, "We are all groping in the darkness, trying to find the light switch." My, my! How true!

As you read this article, I will have undergone two weeks of radiation therapy. I am told that the radiation will kill only the three tumors and a small membrane of good tissue around them. The machine is very focused and better than surgery. They say I will feel no pain, only a little fatigue.

At supper last night my brother asked me if I thought all of the Buddhists and Moslems would go to hell. I said, "Absolutely." "But," said I, "When Jesus returns to set up the 1,000-year kingdom of heaven those who survive the Tribulation Period will realize that Jesus is the Creator of this universe and will convert without question."

In the kingdom, "the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea" (Isa. 11:9). All will realize the errors that have plagued the human race. Every TV channel will feature programs about Creation and the truth behind historical events -- rather than the types of programs that air today. The whole human race will be taught the truth.

As I retired last night, I was thinking about all of the tidbits of biblical knowledge that Gary and I have uncovered over the years. God has given us some incredible discoveries. In fact, we are not alone. Our Great Creator has given a lot of people various pieces of the prophetic puzzle.

The questions of "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" haunt all of us. Many facets of such questions remain, but over the past two centuries, much has been learned. Knowledge has increased on an exponential curve. Daniel’s prophecy is being fulfilled big time!