Mar 6, 2009

Let's Put Iran Back to 1850s

PDFBy Hal Lindsey

There was a report in yesterday's Jerusalem Post that bore the disturbing headline "Israel Seriously Considering Iran Military Op." The JPost cited a report entitled "Preventing a Cascade of Instability," which was put out by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. It argues that military action should be taken to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Moreover, the report also says that Israel is running out of time – not just because Iran's nuclear program is still running at top speed, but also because the Russians are shipping advanced air defense systems to Iran as fast as they can build them. Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nancy Soderberg was among the taskforce members who contributed to the Institute's report. She noted that the timetable for an Israeli attack might be "significantly" moved up if Jerusalem believed Russia was going to make good on its pledge to supply Iran with the S-300 surface-to-air missile system, which would greatly complicate any Israeli attack. U.S. military planners are also worried about how best to handle a nuclear Iran in the wake of last month's successful ICBM test disguised as a satellite launch.

If Iran can put a satellite in orbit, then it can put a nuke in orbit and can detonate it over the United States. Such a detonation would generate an electro magnetic pulse (EMP) that would fry every unshielded circuit in range, throwing the entire area back into the 19th century technologically.

Iran has detonated a missile fired from a vessel in the Caspian Sea at that altitude. Iranian leaders have even spoken about the desirability of an EMP attack against the U.S. and Israel on several occasions. A single such detonation at approximately 250 miles over the center of the U.S. would knock out all of our unshielded electronic systems from coast to coast and from Canada to Mexico.

There is no question but that a nation that is almost totally dependent on microchips, computer-controlled infrastructure and electrically powered communications is most vulnerable to an EMP attack. Everything from aircraft, automobiles, radar, communications, water systems, elevators, hospital diagnostic and operating room equipment, law enforcement, etc. would instantly be destroyed or rendered useless.

But what if we turned the tables? Iran's most dangerous weapons are all dependent upon the same computer-driven systems as ours. Their nuclear plants, uranium enrichment systems, missile launch systems, radar control, etc. are all as vulnerable to the EMP destruction of microchip-driven computers as ours are.

So, why sit around and wait for our known enemies to put us technologically into the 1850s? I think we should "do unto them before they do unto us." In the final analysis, such an act of boldness would save millions of lives on both sides. Israel, I especially hope you are listening.


Let's put Iran back to 1850s -

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