Mar 12, 2009

A New Revolution, If You Will

By Bill Wilson

Many Christians are asking me what to do in this time of political, moral and economic confusion. I think for one, we have to divorce somewhat (not entirely) the political from the spiritual. We, as conservative Christians, have had our identities tied for so long to the political that we are having a difficult time making sense of all that is political that we have worked so hard for over the past 30 years going down the drain. So I think we must individually and as a group refocus. The concept that we must be political should be shifted a bit. We are trying to influence the "political" system, and well we should, but perhaps that is not the central strategy for changing the current environment.

Certainly, in the times of Jesus, there were similar political issues--in fact, one of the 12 laws of Rome was that children who were "deformed" were to be put to death--this resulted in many newborn babies being "exposed" to their death because they were in reality unwanted. How evil is that? But historians write that it was the Christian movement that led to the end of this brutal practice-they didn't have political power, but rather spiritual power through their example. We have been trying to force change politically through might. We are seeing, however, that even those we thought were strong voices for righteousness on Capitol Hill are unable to withstand this spiritual principality that has engulfed them.

The central strategy of the gospel is to go out to the world and one by one change hearts, through the true gospel, not the fads of the gospel or the latest "thing" man is doing with the gospel, but touch people through the true gospel. Let's get back to the basics of the Bible and where Jesus focused his disciples. They were not focused inwardly on doctrines about being slain in the spirit, or personal prophecy or naming and claiming wealth. He taught them to be focused outward by loving one another and preaching the gospel to every creature-a true gospel, not the doctrines of man. Jesus said in Matthew 15:9, "But in vain they do worship Me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men."

You see, if we as Christians know the answer, yet we are seeking answers, how much more is the world seeking answers? And those without Christ do not know the answers. But if the church is busy worrying about attendance numbers or specific doctrines that tend to feed our personal egos, are we going to be the salt and light others will emulate? Am I saying that we need to abandon all things, but one? No, but we need to have balance, and that balance should be weighted toward the things Jesus taught as important. And I think that is where the new revolution to take back our nation, but more importantly, souls for the Kingdom, begins and takes root.