Feb 11, 2009

Your Responsibility As A Christian American As Government Seeks To Become God

By Bill Wilson

It's not a Republican or a Democratic issue-both political parties have enough skin in the game and share enough responsibility for the condition of America's economy. It could be said that members of both parties showed a great amount of bipartisanship over the past decade in developing the woes we now face. They have accelerated policies that sent our jobs overseas. They have given their cronies government enabled opportunities to make tens of millions of dollars at the expense of the working class. And they have tried to blame it on one another so as to cause confusion among the people. But they are in it together.

Now, as if the American people were continuing in their spectacular slumber of the past decade, the corrupt politicians in Washington, D.C. are trying to pull one more caper before the people wise up. It's called economic stimulus. It's based on the idea that if the politicians can scare enough people into believing the government is the only solution to their woes, the politicians and their cronies can make off with billions of dollars-the legal theft of our property, our money, our freedom, of any future happiness. For every trillion dollars of economic stimulus, it will cost every man, woman and child in America about $3,000. And that cost will escalate each year the debt is not paid back.

The government, if you remember, is already into us for about a trillion dollars. The Bush Administration in league with the Democratic socialists in Congress already passed a near trillion dollar emergency economic stimulus bill late last year. The government can not even account for half the money that already has been spent-but we see stories every day of bonuses being paid to executives of these failing banks, insurance companies and mortgage institutions-bonuses that would pay some people's salaries for ten years or more. The bonuses are being paid to people who contribute to political campaigns. Certainly, the money already spent has done little if nothing to stimulate the economy.

The government is going to become god in America if this nonsense is allowed to continue. And because you will owe the government more than you can ever pay it, you will be told what to do and how to do it by the government. Your healthcare, your job, your home, your bank account will be regulated by the government. And if you don't do what the government wants, you won't have a home, a job, healthcare, or a bank account. Romans 13:7 says "Render therefore to all their dues." And Jesus told us to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's. And many will say that the government is Caesar. But then again, our government is "Of the people, by the people and for the people." So the government is you and you do have a say and a responsibility.