Feb 5, 2009

Wisdom And God May Be Keys To Surviving A Terrorist Attack

By Bill Wilson

Many government reports point toward another catastrophic terrorist attack brewing within the United States. In addition, the man who spent the better part of eight years in the midst of the war on terror, former Vice President Dick Cheney, told Politico that there was a "high probability" of terrorists using nuclear or biological components to attack the US within the next few years. Cheney said that the current Administration's policies put the country at risk of the terrorists succeeding in such an attack. He cited as an example the releasing of prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay terrorist prison when up to 12 percent of them return immediately to terrorism.

For all its faults and blemishes, the Bush Administration did an excellent job in protecting the United States from terrorist attacks after the 9/11 catastrophe. And with the change of Administrations, terrorists are sure to be studying ways to hit America again. The new Administration must be mindful of its Constitutional charge to protect and defend the nation-that is likely why most of the defense personnel have remained in place. But as President Bush often reminded us, the defenders of the nation must be spot on every time while the terrorists only have to be successful once in order for another terrible attack to occur. Given the current situation, it may be wise to be prepared in case the government falters.

Juval Aviv, President of Interfor, a corporate security consultant, says the best way to protect yourself against terrorist attacks is to not rely on the government or science. Aviv says, "As a former member of a commando-intelligence unit of the Israeli Defense Force and a counterterrorism consultant to the Israeli airline El Al, I learned a simple truth: People, not technology, are the key to preventing disaster." He says that if you feel like something might be wrong, act accordingly. For example, watch for unattended bags and point them out to authorities. Have a plan on where to meet and find family members in the event of an attack because cell phones and other forms of communication may be shut down.

The plan is very important. Our family, for example, knows where to meet in case we are all out of communication. We pay attention to our surroundings and steer away from suspicious acting people or even those who are acting foolishly. 2 Timothy 1:7 says "For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." You must stand fast in the knowledge that the Lord wants only the best for you and that He will protect you and keep you in times of great trouble. Armed with that assurance, do not fear the future, but be wise and circumspect on how you conduct your life so as to not put yourself in undue danger.