Feb 5, 2009

The Latest Catastrophe!

By Jan Markell

I recently wrote on Hamas in America and about the FBI watching Hamas leaders film a bridge on the East Coast. I will not be repetitive other than to say that many Americans pay no attention to terror in faraway places. That is why I must emphasize that these terror outfits operate right here in America and in this case, in Minnesota -- my home state.

Now to the "catastrophe." The United Methodist Church (UMC) is hardly acting Christian. Yes, I know there are good people in that denomination who would never go along with this. Nonetheless, the UMC is hosting a Capitol Hill exhibit portraying Israel's founding as a "catastrophe." Guess they are biblically illiterate! Do they even read the Bible? Israel plays a role from Genesis 12 to the end of Revelation! So, following that line of thinking, then the Bible also is a "catastrophe."

The display, "60 Years of Dispossession," chronicles the "Nakba," the Palestinian word for "catastrophe" used to describe Israel's founding. The photo exhibit trumps a mass deportation of Palestinians, massacres of civilians, and the razing to the ground of hundreds of Palestinian villages. It is appearing in the lobby of the United Methodist Building in Washington February 3-24.

Institute for Religion and Democracy representative Mark Tooley commented, "Religious Left activists claim they support Israel's existence. But the 'Nakba' mythology portrays Israel's founding only as a catastrophe. Will the United Methodist lobbyists ever host an event that celebrates Israel's existence?"

It would be nice if those members of the "Religious Left" would go after nations that deserve some condemnation. How about calling North Korea a "catastrophe," or Iran? How about at least respecting Israel for being our ally in the war on terror (a phrase hardly used anymore as it is politically incorrect and we don't want to offend).

I would recommend that you contact the United Methodist Church but they are likely to deny this just as the ELCA denied a similar problem. However, you can look up the UMC on the Web if you like and e-mail them politely.

The root of the problem is that the Methodist church and other mainline Protestant churches, and the Catholic church, believe in what is called Replacement Theology. That teaching states that the church is the new Israel and there is no relevance to Israel today. It is one of the more dangerous false doctrines out there as it skews the entire Bible. And it creates the kind of anti-Semitism outlined above.

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The Bible prophesies persecution of both Jews and Christians in the last days. How unfortunate that it is so-called Christians actually persecuting the Jews. If one considers himself a Christian, then let me quote the following:

How odd of God to choose the Jews, Yet not so odd as those who choose the Jewish God, yet spurn the Jews.