Feb 21, 2009

Stupid American’s Have Put Their Future in the Hands of Liberal Elitists Who Intend to Destroy Our Way of Life

By Don Koenig

These are a few of the things the liberals and democrats have brought up in just the last few days to “IMPROVE” our country.

Obama promises immigration reform (The American people made it clear that they were against amnesty. Who will pay for it? The liberals want it because a larger Latino population will get them more votes.

Obama signs Presidential Determination allowing Palestinians loyal to Hamas to resettle in the United States (Hamas is a terrorist organization - so we are now going to resettle terrorists here)

Senator Boxer to ramrod The U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), which opponents say could destroy American sovereignty by imposing international rulings on American law, could reach the Senate within 60 days. (This Rights of the Child is anti-parent, anti-Christian and anti-American. If you want to know what that means to you as a parent read this)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he wants to take up a bill to tackle global warming by the end of the summer. (Which means that he wants real or hidden carbon taxes on just about everything. Anyone with a brain that is not already brainwashed knows that man is not causing global warming. The cost will be enormous, as if we do not already have enough economic troubles.)

Of course you already know about the nearly trillion dollar non stimulus stuffed pig that they just rushed through congress. I do not think most of you know that our government will soon be obligated for about five trillion dollars that we do not have and that we will not be able to borrow. It will turn out that the government this year will spend two to three times what they take in from all sources of taxes and that does not even include another few trillion in unfunded liabilities.

If people investing in this nation and in business think that the government really knows what it is doing to revive our economy then why is the stock market still tanking? The stock market has now fell fifty percent. Just wait until you see what that does to your retirement account. More shoes will certainly drop. Expect nationalization of almost everything. That is the socialist way.

So what do we do about a government that is totally out of control and is anti-American? What do we do with a government that is really serving the interests of global elitists who wish to manage everyone and everything in the world? These “representatives” that are supposed to represent us in Washington are not serving the people of the United States, at least they are not serving the tax paying people of the United States. What do we do with a government where people in power are put there by the money and influence of elite power brokers?

It will be a little late to do anything in America once the Liberals have passed all the laws they intend to pass and muzzle Americans and enslave them to big government. Soon they will effectively rule over all major corporations and even our local governments. Do not doubt that they will even nationalize all police forces to enforce their socialist tyranny if necessary. Lets face it, stupid American’s have put their future in the hands of liberal elitists who now intend to destroy the American way of life. However, most American’s remain clueless.

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