Feb 21, 2009

Iran Within Striking Distance of Israel

By August Rosado

The UN has recently reported that Iran now has enough uranium to make a nuclear bomb. If this report is correct, Israel's existence is in more danger now than ever before. Intelligence reports also tell us that Iran is now within striking distance of Israel. If Iran develops this weapon of mass destruction, not only Israel, but the world will be in great danger. Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism. They will give this nuclear know how to terrorist who can then smuggle a nuclear device into the US. It's bad enough that our borders are not well guarded, and these terrorist can easily slip in. Israel has a choice, wait for Iran to fire first at them, or, hit them first before they get a nuclear weapon. They have already made the choice to hit Iran before they obtain weapons of mass destruction.

The fault can fall at the feet of the UN who failed to do anything, Russia who gave Iran the know how to make them, the EU for looking the other way, and finally, the Bush Administration who simply failed to pressure Iran to stop making nuclear weapons.

Israel feels the Obama administration does not have the backbone to deal with Iran. Obama says he's willing to have a"dialogue" with Iran, who is now setting conditions with Obama to have such diplomacy. Obama is falling into the hands of the lunatic Ahmadinijhad, which past US Administrations have avoided. Obama is willing to break US policy, and negotiate with these lunatics. This would be disastrous to the US, to the world, and to Israel most of all.

I've been asked the question, do you feel the US would turn it's back on Israel as we approach the last days scenario? I remember answering that question in the early 90s by saying........yes. I believe the stage is being set for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. The Rapture of the Church must be close at hand, we must be looking up! Our redemption is drawing near.

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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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